Sunday, April 27, 2003

Woohoo the Arses blew 2-0 drew against Bolton so now Man Utd are 2 points ahead of them with the same number of games played. Well the referee tried his best to help the Arses by sending a Bolton defender off on the 90th minute and then added 6(!) minutes of extra time; I can't even recall the last match that had injury time that long!

A really surprising twist on last Friday's survivor, Rob broke with his alliance of 4 and voted for Alex, after Alex told him straight out
that he will probably be the first from the alliance to be voted out.(really dumb of him).

I found out yesterday that someone might have said something about me that wasn't true, and I have no idea why that person said it. It is really bothering me. Think I am gonna confront the person really soon and find out if its true.

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