Wednesday, April 16, 2003

We had a meeting today ...and we have to do 5 minute presentations next wednesday to show our presentation skills and also to correct our mistakes cos appie told us we would be doing a lot of presentations in the future. So he was asking each of us what we wanted to present, it could be absolutely anything we wanted, but when it came to my turn i dun know i couldnt really think of any. Anyway i finally just said I would do a presentation on indian weddings ...and the minute that came out of my mouth I was like why the hell did I choose such a lame ass topic, I hate Indian weddings and I think I been to like 5 in my entire life. Hopefully I can think of something to talk abt by tommorow maybe ask him to change..but my mind is still a blur.

Appie was telling us how he met his gf (she's sporean) on IRC while he was still in Holland. And how that the first time he heard her voice on the phone he knew that she was the one ....he came here to visit her in 99 and they just clicked and now they are gonna get married in a couple of months. Pretty amazing eh? I already know quite a fair number of friends who met their bf/gf through the net as well ......dun know if that will happen to me ...but i doubt so though.

I think I might give IRC another shot ....who knows i might meet like a pair of hot Swedish twins on some irc channel and we fall hopelessly in love with each other...hey it could happen alright! And if it does happen I can safely say I will be the happiest man on earth!

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