Sunday, April 13, 2003

Was watching this local kiddie show called 'Champs' on Central cos a friend of mine was going to be in it. Well the show was really lame, I tell ya it was basically promoting volunteerism to kids. And they really went to the extreme to do that. One scene had 2 kids selling flags at the MRT station; one kid was saying how much he loved doing it while the other agreed and said selling flags really helps build up his confidence. Kid, if selling flags can build up your confidence, then you got more problems than a lack of confidence I tell ya! Oh and another scene showed a group of kids volunteering to clean up the school garden and pond ....then when they finished doing it they all hi-fived each other and cheered......Riiiiiiigggghhhht

Anyway my friend had 2 lines .."what is your idea" and "that's a good idea"..... but its pretty cool seeing a friend on tv though, you go gal!

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