Thursday, April 10, 2003

Today was such a good day. Went to Sun Office for Solaris 9 administrator training from 10 to 12, and after that had lunch at Marche's(sp?) at suntec city, Sun paid for us which I thought was really cool of them. I ate like nobodys bizness, had sirloin steak with baked potato on the side, pizza and crepe with banana, strawberries and ice cream. Damm wished I could have ate more but I was way too full after that. Eh wat still haven't get my pay so this kinda thing must take advantage rite ! Anyway the bill came up to like 360 bucks for like 12 of us and that was like after a 60 dollar discount somemore. Hope we do this again soon!

After that we got to go back straight home (provided we work from home), i got back like 3:30 and napped like a pig until 7 gonna do some work or else I'm gonna feel a little guilty.

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