Tuesday, April 01, 2003

*start of slightly dramatised incident that happened to me earlier*
As I was walking back from bedok interchange to chai chee today, I came upon this kid who was struggling to get his skate scooter up a flight of stairs, and all his other skater friends were already way ahead of him. I snatched the scooter from him and carried it effortlessly up the flight of stairs. (thanks to my enlarged biceps)

He looked at me with tears of gratitude in his eyes and said "Thank you, strong and unbelievably handsome uncle. Don't know what I would have done without you." I gave a hearty laugh and replied "Nah dun worry little weak one, one day you will be as strong as me, even if you probably won't be as handsome. Now run along and catch up to your friends. And don't tell anyone about what I did for you ok!" The kid nodded, wiped away his tears and rode away on his little scooter.
*end of slightly dramatised incident*

Feels good to have done such a selfless act of kindness. Can't believe a guy like me can still single. Yes ladies if you didn't catch that I am totally available !

Not a good day today. I had a really bad stomach upset in the morning and was totally full of gas, in fact I could even feel the gas being produced in my large intestine as I was doing my work. It was really uncomfortable I tell ya, felt like ...errr...a guy pumped full of gas. Anyway feeling better now thank god.

Had this training/presentation by this guy from Sun Microsystems on Sun hardware for around an hour and a half and I was really struggling to stay awake the whole time. It was like an hour after lunch and the topic wasnt really interesting. Anyway I think he must have noticed cos there were only like 10 of us only. Kinda embarassing.

Eek I think I feel more gas producing rite now!

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