Friday, April 04, 2003

So I went for a grid seminar at NUS today, pretty boring stuff actually but the food was really good , free refreshments and lunch provided! Actually we left the seminar earlier cos we had training at Sun office at 1 pm, but the lady who organised the whole event persuaded us to have lunch first and told the caterers to start serving so we could eat which was really cool of her. Just hope people didnt think we came out of the auditorium just so that we could eat first ! Oh ya also got free pen woohoo, cos I was thinking of buying but now no need.

The training was really good cos Sam, the presenter, is a really wacky guy! I laughed quite a few times while he was explaining to us the exciting new features of Solaris 10 which will only be out next year, he keeps cracking jokes and he has this really infectious laugh that totally cracks me up each time. Definitely a very fun guy to be around, looking forward to next week's training. But he wore a cowboy hat when he left the office that was a little ...unusual.

Yay finally got my Sun badge, with a photo of my face on it. So now I can like join Sun seminars and enter the Sun office whenever I want. But I look like crap in the photo which kinda sucks, but then again I look like crap in real life so can't really complain can I.

Read this at a blog:

"He washes my hair almost all the time, he likes to do it - and he's better than the hair-wash people at salons. Whenever I have backaches, he'll massage me. He stays up with me when I work, and soothes me to sleep when I'm fretting. And the best thing is, he's always trying to communicate his thoughts, feelings and his love, and working towards being a better person."

What an amazing guy, that made me feel so envious of her ! (No i am not gay)

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