Friday, April 18, 2003

Sigh I am down with a pretty bad cold. You know I think I am allergic to soemthing cos everytime im at home every weekend 9/10 times i get a runny nose and fell like crap. Wished I knew what it was. Hopefully I willl be way better tommorow. I need a hug...*looks out to his blog visitors with tears in his eyes*

Met 8 of my JC classmates for dinner/supper yesterday, it was pretty cool to see all of them again after such a long while but sigh one of my friends said that I had put on a lot of mass around the waist area, man I really need to start working out but sigh so damm lazy! We then went to Swensens at the airport t1, I had grilled chicken which was ok,nothing great and then shared an Earthquake (huge dish of ice cream) with some of them, it was really sinful though.

But I was a little pissed at one of them while we having dinner. He started telling my friends something that I told him in private which kinda sucked cos it wasn't something that I really wanted to share with the other friends and I was embarassed by what he said. Sigh well thats guys for you, anyway thats the last time I am gonna tell him something personal.

Oh Buffy is back ! But at the totally crappy timeslot of 12 am on tuesday. After Bachelor and the new series Birds of Prey. Bachelor is really lame rite now and I wasnt too impressed by the premiere of BoP. Arrgh i hate damm TCS. I probably have to like download the Buffy episodes from Kazaa.

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