Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Nothing much happened today. I was supposed to get this task that I was looking forward to, involving software that does 2D cartoon animation but we have too many tasks right now so we had to put it aside for now. Oh I am gonna get my namecards (a whole box of it like 100) and this special card that will allow me access to the computers and phones in the Sun's main office this friday so thats pretty cool especially the namecard cos its gonna say "Gilbert Thomas, Associate Engineer, Grid Computing, Asia Pacific Science and Technology Center". How sounds impressive or not? First thing I am gonna do once I get the card is find that gal who ignored me that day when I was flexing my biceps and give it to her. Now I think of it I was being an MCP when I said shes probably a lesbian that time. But if she ignores me again then well shes definitely ....err not straight.

Got another training by Sam at Sun main office tommorow morning, looking forward to it, a welcome break from work and he's such a cool guy. And also get to wake up an hour late so thats always a plus!

Meeting up with a group of friends on Saturday to celebrate the bday of one of them. I think this is like the first time I will be going out anywhere in a month other than work which is kinda sad. But gotta ask Mommy for money cos I still haven't gotten paid, but they told me I will get paid on the 24th or 25th of the month so keeping my fingers crossed.

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