Saturday, April 19, 2003

My day yesterday
10 am : Woke up, read the paper, had 4 pieces of toast
10:55 : Came online, chatted with a net friend.
13:00 : Took shower, had lunch.
14:30 : Chatted with another net friend.
18:00 : Not feeling so good so took a 2 hour nap, woke up, showered and had dinner.
20:00 : Chatted with net friend and my jc friend.
22:00 : Watched Survivor ( I think I am in love with Heidi, shes a hottie!)
23:00 : Chatted with 4 net friends.
02:00 : Went to bed

Hmm I might possibly be addicted to ICQ, well at least thats what my colleague suggests. But honestly I dun think so cos I dun use ICQ at work at all eventhough I could if I wanted to. So I think its more of a lack of a social life rather than an addiction. :(

But going to shoot pool later with 2 friends. And I am gonna suck really badly cos I only played pool like once in my life. Why don't they have carrom in those places, I am really good at that, I was my kindergarden champion ok dun play play!

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