Wednesday, April 23, 2003

My dad lost Boy. He was staying at this place in Woodlands for the past week and he just let Boy roam around the bloody housing estate on his own and expected him to find his way back to the flat my himself. Yeah thats my dad for ya. He does this kinda stuff all the time here (eventhough i hate it everytime he does that) but I never expected him to be dumb enough to do it in a place that Boy is totally unfamiliar with, I got no idea where his fucking brains went to. He came back like an hour ago and was telling us how some kid at the school nearby told him that a guy caught Boy and took him to the police post nearby, and how my dad went to the police post and they told him that he was taken away to the pound (SPCA?).

Just called my sis and she is gonna call some guy (the number was given by the police post) abt Boy first thing tommorow morning. I pray we will get him back.

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