Saturday, April 12, 2003

Met Jiaqi, the birthday gal and Sabrina for lunch at Sizzler at Suntec City and the food kinda sucked, I had like teriyaki ground beef steak with cheese on top, wouldn't really recommend it. But the soup and salad buffet was pretty good and really filling, and also had ice cream the end of it I was really full ..oh ya and finally had the bday cake , mango fruit cake ! Anyway I am skipping dinner now, must watch my figure you know it doesnt just maintain itself! Speaking of figure when I came back i realised that my jeans was torn at the back of my waist, damm giordano I should sue them, now i only have 1 pair of jeans left. And I dun get my pay for another 2 weeks!

Anyway it was really cool catching up with the two of them and talking and stuff, I haven't done that like in a while. Oh and huge thanks to Jiaqi for lending me the LOTR book, i owe you one babe !

Heh Man Utd is leading Newcastle 6-1 with 30 minutes left to go...Yeah you heard me right. I tell you this is the best I seen them play in a long long time, they were such a joy to watch, they totally walked all over Newcastle, who are supposed to be challenging for the title as well. They gonna play Arse (nal) next week, I think after this kind of display, any Arse fan (I call them arses) will probably be really nervous about that match! Well im sorry Arses but come next week you gonna get your asses kicked woohoo!

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