Sunday, April 20, 2003

Man I got a really bad headache now. Met a couple of net friends (and a guy) for pool at this place in orchard. It was my 2nd time playing it ever but I totally loved it, partly cos I beat one of them the very first time....(ok she probably let me). Got trashed like crazy the next 4 games but well it was still really fun I wanna play somemore !

After that we went to a pub and chilled out and talked for a while , the music totally sucked they were playing ah beng techno music, you know like techno remixes of famous pop songs, i started to get a pretty bad headache there. After that we went to this Turkish restaurant where they had like this thing called sashmi which i reckon is like some type of drug thingy that u smoke but came with like different flavors and stuff ...i tried it but it was pretty strong the smell and made my headache even worse so i stopped.

All in all it was pretty nice, esp the pool part ....i wanna shoot again ! Oh wait I said that already...

Oh ya while I was waiting at the MRT station waiting for one of them to arrive, there was this pretty eurasian gal who was like trying to get pple to do her surveys but most of them just passed her by. So being the kind selfless handsome guy that I am I went close to her lah and smiled at her but she totally ignored me! Then I tried circling around her like a few times but she didn't even stop me to ask me to do the survey fact she went over to another part of the station....sometimes it doesn't pay to be kind I tell ya.

Oh and i gave up my seat to a little gal in the MRT yesterday! Mommy was so proud of me when I told her.

Just found out its called sheesha not sashmi..I'm an idiot ! and its a type of tobacco!

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