Friday, April 25, 2003

The last few days were really awful for me. Well let's see first there was my insane dad who really overestimated my dog's navigational skills. Then last night I got a pretty nasty email from big boss asking me if the really urgent task that he assigned me 2 days earlier had "fallen into a black hole". But the thing is I did reply to him regarding that task but he said he didn't receive it. Anyway I called him up at like midnight today and found out what he wanted me to do, and then was doing it until 4 am today. Then when I was gonna send him what I did through email, I found that he emailed me telling me I had until Monday to do it. Sigh really wished he had called me to tell me that !! But a colleague of mine helped me do a huge part of the task last night until 3 am; I was pleasantly surprised and not to mention really grateful cos if she didn't help me I would probably be up the whole morning doing it. So babe dun know if u gonna read this but thanks a lot alright, you have no idea how much i appreciated it!

That's not the end. Today I went to Sun main office at Central Mall for training, and when I checked my Sun email there was this email for this guy asking me why i used the email alias that he had been using for the last 5 years and why I never did anything eventhough I was receiving mail that was obviously not addressed to me. I replied that I didnt notice cos I dun use my Sun mail for work purposes so dun check it often..and then spend the whole morning looking at close to 90 email messages that I got and forwarding to him those that belonged to him. But really the damm system should have stopped me from using a email address that was really taken rite!

And then I found out that all my colleagues had gotten their pay! But when I checked mine it wasnt there, I still had only 10 freaking dollars in my POSB account. Was really disappointed lor cos I been looking forward to getting my pay for like 2 months already, Ab called the HR department for me, my bank account number was correct so I really got no idea why I was the only one who didnt get paid. Hopefully they sort it out by Monday and give me my money !

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