Thursday, April 03, 2003

I think I am in love with Anindita, the hot Indian lawyer babe from the Bachelor. She's like a totally feisty chick who isnt scared to speak her mind, what more could you ask for in a woman ! She told Christi off when she talked bad about another woman behind her back. Even better was when she walked out on the Bachelor before he made his decision to pick the final 10. That took balls! And the American-Chinese gal followed her shortly afterwards. She said in an
interview that it was because earlier she and the american chinese gal asked him what his parents thought about interracial marriages and he didnt give a
satisfactory answer. Sigh if I was the Bachelor I would have proposed to her there and then and ask the rest to go back.

Oh yeah Christi seems a little insane. And Aaron was dumb to have picked her. She was like winking and giving
him one kind of weird look while he was handing out roses, so obvious she was hinting, actually more like pressurising him to pick her. And when the number of roses grew less and less she was close to tears. And the part when the credits were rolling and she was like telling another gal how much she loved Aaron (repeatedly) , that was just creepy! In the trailer for next week Aaron was mentioning that she had 'a Fatal Attraction thing going on there' which was kinda mean but pretty funny! And its obvious the producers were milking the psycho woman angle for all its worth (she got way way more screen time than the rest), so gotta pity her a little.

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