Saturday, April 05, 2003

I absolutely hate seafood. Any kind of seafood. Fish, crabs, prawns you name it I hate it. I hate fish cos I hate the horrible feeling you get when u swallow a fishbone by mistake, and it happens way too many times for my liking. I hate crabs cos they scare the shit out of me with their black beady eyes and extra large pincers. I am telling you those things are evil , I can feel my hair stand everytime i pass a tank with crabs in it, can practically feel those eyes following my every step. If my family was attacked by a horde of crabs one day i will probably just scream and run away, thats how much I fear them. Prawns dun bother me that much , unless it is those big prawns then same thing I dun touch them.

Despite this, what did my mom cook today? Prawn curry, fish sambal and fried fish. I skipped lunch but i had to have dinner cos being a growing boy I need food mah. So I had rice with the vegetables and sambal without the fish. And ice cream. Burp

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