Monday, April 14, 2003

Been all alone at home since Sunday evening, cos my folks went over to my sister's place at Woodlands , its the indian new year. But quite shiok lah having the whole house to myself, can do stuff around the house that you can't do with anyone around, you know like walk around naked and ....err thats abt it but still fun lah. If I had a digital camera I would take pictures of myself and post it up here for you gals to see but unfortunately I don't. Nevermind not long until I get my pay so just hang in there.

Went to the library on Sunday afternoon also to return my way way overdue books and borrowed 2 others, 'Learning the vi editor' for work and 'A whore just like the rest' by Richard Meltzer a rock critic. Not a lot of good books on rock music at Bedok library. There were tons of them on the Beatles which is ok but i mean come on, how about Led Zeppelin ?? And then even had a book on Bon Jovi ...bleah

Hmm Appie said that there might be a chance that we might be able to work from home in the near future. Actually he used to work mostly from home before we came but now he has to supervise us as well. But now that we are more or less comfortable with our work, there might be a possibility that we get that chance (to work from home) maybe like one or two days a week. Well if that becomes a reality Im telling you it would be so damm cool. Cos the travelling really takes so much out of me sometimes. Just gotta wait and see.

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