Monday, April 21, 2003

As expected I had a stomachache in the morning when i woke up no surprise there, it always happens when i take really spicy food but it was well worth it. I woke up several times last night ...had this recurring dream abt , strangely enough, the 2 net friends i met last Saturday. No nothing erotic, just that 1 of them kept asking me a question repeatedly, but what the question was I can't remember now. Weird.

Just had another helping of ayam masak merah for dinner today (again!) and then followed it up with a glass of eno, hopefully that helps to like neutralise the spiceness or something.

Followed Ab to install Sun Grid Engine in another lab in NTU...we met up the guy in charge of that lab for lunch and we started debating about religion (Ab is in process of converting to Islam) and well ...lets just say religion is a really sensitive and not to mention subjective topic which is why usually i try and avoid discussing it with people cos most of the time someone might take offence. But it was really cool today though cos despite the fact the 3 of us had really conflicting views with regards to our own religions (or lack of religion in my case) we still respected each other's opinions and views eventhough we disagreed with them. Anyway it was a really interesting discussion in my opinion, sometimes its really nice to discuss a topic that u tend to be really passionate about.

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