Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Arrgh I am an evil man! Supposed to call a friend to wish her happy birthday at midnight today but I totally forgot! Damm gonna call her at lunchtime and wish her.

A net friend told me that this Sporean guy whom she chatted with like 4 times in like 4 months ON ICQ is now telling her that he is totally in love with her and desperately wants to meet her. When she, and rather wisely i might add, said no, he said stuff like that he will always love her and the ball is in her court and crazy stuff like that.There are some really really weird people on the net aren't they.

Ok ok I can relate a little, i thought I was in love with a gal that I went out with like 3 times last year also but thats something totally different alright, she was hot as hell so all the blood from my brain went down to my penis (and its a lot of blood I tell ya) hence causing me to be temporarily insane. Anyway it wasn't as bad as it sounds also, I did get her to drop the restraining order within a week and she no longer has this look of fear in her eyes when we meet. Anyway I digress, that guy is really weird isn't he?

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