Tuesday, April 29, 2003

I lost 1.2 k in a matter of hours. First paid my overdue Starhub internet bill which was around 200 dollars. Then transferred 1k to my mom's account. No trust me I am not filial or anything, my mom made me sign a legally binding document as soon as I turned 18 which states that I have to give her a 1/4 of my salary every month. But she was kind enough to add a clause that allows me to pay only 5 percent in the unlikely event that I suffer loss of any of my limbs or am declared clinically insane. Sniff... there is nothing purer than a mother's love is there ? I love you Mom !

Just to clarify I got paid 2 months salary hor. Heh 4k a month? I wish !!
WOOHOO finally got my pay !! Feel like the king of the world now, I finally have the money to go wild and crazy like I always wanted to! Night Safari here I come ! So happy now that I can feel an orgasm coming on! *shudders in ecstacy*

Oh yeah and got my name cards too , 2 boxes full. Time to hit the clubs and pubs and start networking with the chicks out there. Oh but first gotta get some new clothes to replace all my old clothes that have mysteriously shrunk. But once I do that, there will be no resisting me so all the boyfriends out there better watch out. Cos there is a new Stallion in town.

Ok orgasm over back to work. Sianz.

Sunday, April 27, 2003

Saw the lamest ad ever on Channel 5 just now.

A young gal and her mom were at McDonalds ..and the mom ordered happy meals for both her and her kid. And the kid looked at her and asked why she ordered happy meals. And the mom replied "Because you make me happy"

God can't believe they pay people to come up with crap like that.
Woohoo the Arses blew 2-0 drew against Bolton so now Man Utd are 2 points ahead of them with the same number of games played. Well the referee tried his best to help the Arses by sending a Bolton defender off on the 90th minute and then added 6(!) minutes of extra time; I can't even recall the last match that had injury time that long!

A really surprising twist on last Friday's survivor, Rob broke with his alliance of 4 and voted for Alex, after Alex told him straight out
that he will probably be the first from the alliance to be voted out.(really dumb of him).

I found out yesterday that someone might have said something about me that wasn't true, and I have no idea why that person said it. It is really bothering me. Think I am gonna confront the person really soon and find out if its true.

Saturday, April 26, 2003

Was hoping I would be able to wake up really late today cos I got so little sleep the night before but no such luck, they are doing some upgrading to my estate and at 9 am they started drilling and it was so freaking loud I couldn't sleep. And I am on the 8th floor. Really pity those who live on the first few floors. With our advances in technology you would think they would have figured out how to make those damm drills quieter, i mean they did figure out how to make guns quieter didnt they.

Checked out a few songs from the White Stripes's new album, Elephant, and they sound really amazing I'm definitely gonna get the album as soon as I get my pay!

OK I think I better go do the laundry now and wash the dishes.

Friday, April 25, 2003

The last few days were really awful for me. Well let's see first there was my insane dad who really overestimated my dog's navigational skills. Then last night I got a pretty nasty email from big boss asking me if the really urgent task that he assigned me 2 days earlier had "fallen into a black hole". But the thing is I did reply to him regarding that task but he said he didn't receive it. Anyway I called him up at like midnight today and found out what he wanted me to do, and then was doing it until 4 am today. Then when I was gonna send him what I did through email, I found that he emailed me telling me I had until Monday to do it. Sigh really wished he had called me to tell me that !! But a colleague of mine helped me do a huge part of the task last night until 3 am; I was pleasantly surprised and not to mention really grateful cos if she didn't help me I would probably be up the whole morning doing it. So babe dun know if u gonna read this but thanks a lot alright, you have no idea how much i appreciated it!

That's not the end. Today I went to Sun main office at Central Mall for training, and when I checked my Sun email there was this email for this guy asking me why i used the email alias that he had been using for the last 5 years and why I never did anything eventhough I was receiving mail that was obviously not addressed to me. I replied that I didnt notice cos I dun use my Sun mail for work purposes so dun check it often..and then spend the whole morning looking at close to 90 email messages that I got and forwarding to him those that belonged to him. But really the damm system should have stopped me from using a email address that was really taken rite!

And then I found out that all my colleagues had gotten their pay! But when I checked mine it wasnt there, I still had only 10 freaking dollars in my POSB account. Was really disappointed lor cos I been looking forward to getting my pay for like 2 months already, Ab called the HR department for me, my bank account number was correct so I really got no idea why I was the only one who didnt get paid. Hopefully they sort it out by Monday and give me my money !

Thursday, April 24, 2003

Alright my aunt got my dog back and he was all wet and frightened to death, god knows what they did to him. I am gonna go to my sister's place later to see how's he is doing.

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

My dad lost Boy. He was staying at this place in Woodlands for the past week and he just let Boy roam around the bloody housing estate on his own and expected him to find his way back to the flat my himself. Yeah thats my dad for ya. He does this kinda stuff all the time here (eventhough i hate it everytime he does that) but I never expected him to be dumb enough to do it in a place that Boy is totally unfamiliar with, I got no idea where his fucking brains went to. He came back like an hour ago and was telling us how some kid at the school nearby told him that a guy caught Boy and took him to the police post nearby, and how my dad went to the police post and they told him that he was taken away to the pound (SPCA?).

Just called my sis and she is gonna call some guy (the number was given by the police post) abt Boy first thing tommorow morning. I pray we will get him back.

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

C showed me something really freaky with regards to my blog, check this out http://indianstallion.blogpsot.com. No its not my blog url (the p and s are switched in the word 'blogspot'), it is some religious website. And its true for any web address that ends with blogpsot.com, its forwarded to that page. I think its illegal though i remember yahoo suing pple who had domain names such as yahhoo.com and stuff.

I got a 5 minute presentation to give tommorow and I got no idea what to say. My chosen topic was Indian weddings (dun ask me why i chose it) , and I think im just gonna get some screenshots of my sister's wedding and burn them into a cd and just talk abt each one of them briefly thats abt it.

Monday, April 21, 2003

As expected I had a stomachache in the morning when i woke up no surprise there, it always happens when i take really spicy food but it was well worth it. I woke up several times last night ...had this recurring dream abt , strangely enough, the 2 net friends i met last Saturday. No nothing erotic, just that 1 of them kept asking me a question repeatedly, but what the question was I can't remember now. Weird.

Just had another helping of ayam masak merah for dinner today (again!) and then followed it up with a glass of eno, hopefully that helps to like neutralise the spiceness or something.

Followed Ab to install Sun Grid Engine in another lab in NTU...we met up the guy in charge of that lab for lunch and we started debating about religion (Ab is in process of converting to Islam) and well ...lets just say religion is a really sensitive and not to mention subjective topic which is why usually i try and avoid discussing it with people cos most of the time someone might take offence. But it was really cool today though cos despite the fact the 3 of us had really conflicting views with regards to our own religions (or lack of religion in my case) we still respected each other's opinions and views eventhough we disagreed with them. Anyway it was a really interesting discussion in my opinion, sometimes its really nice to discuss a topic that u tend to be really passionate about.

Sunday, April 20, 2003

Man I am so freaking stuffed rite now. My mom cooked ayam masak merah today cos my sis and her hubby came over to visit. And that is my fav dish in the whole world cos its mouthwateringly delicious. Its like chicken sambal but the gravy isnt as thick as sambal and its much sweeter and pretty spicy. It was so good that I licked the gravy off my plate! But got a feeling my stomach is gonna suffer from my greed tommorow. Watch this blog tommorow to find out.
Really weird. I was checking out my site counter page for my blog (which I do every morning first thing I wake up) and i saw that someone came to my blog from a webpage at the Strait Times website! Whats up with that ? Can anyone tell me ??
Man I got a really bad headache now. Met a couple of net friends (and a guy) for pool at this place in orchard. It was my 2nd time playing it ever but I totally loved it, partly cos I beat one of them the very first time....(ok she probably let me). Got trashed like crazy the next 4 games but well it was still really fun I wanna play somemore !

After that we went to a pub and chilled out and talked for a while , the music totally sucked they were playing ah beng techno music, you know like techno remixes of famous pop songs, i started to get a pretty bad headache there. After that we went to this Turkish restaurant where they had like this thing called sashmi which i reckon is like some type of drug thingy that u smoke but came with like different flavors and stuff ...i tried it but it was pretty strong the smell and made my headache even worse so i stopped.

All in all it was pretty nice, esp the pool part ....i wanna shoot again ! Oh wait I said that already...

Oh ya while I was waiting at the MRT station waiting for one of them to arrive, there was this pretty eurasian gal who was like trying to get pple to do her surveys but most of them just passed her by. So being the kind selfless handsome guy that I am I went close to her lah and smiled at her but she totally ignored me! Then I tried circling around her like a few times but she didn't even stop me to ask me to do the survey ....in fact she went over to another part of the station....sometimes it doesn't pay to be kind I tell ya.

Oh and i gave up my seat to a little gal in the MRT yesterday! Mommy was so proud of me when I told her.

Just found out its called sheesha not sashmi..I'm an idiot ! and its a type of tobacco!

Saturday, April 19, 2003

My day yesterday
10 am : Woke up, read the paper, had 4 pieces of toast
10:55 : Came online, chatted with a net friend.
13:00 : Took shower, had lunch.
14:30 : Chatted with another net friend.
18:00 : Not feeling so good so took a 2 hour nap, woke up, showered and had dinner.
20:00 : Chatted with net friend and my jc friend.
22:00 : Watched Survivor ( I think I am in love with Heidi, shes a hottie!)
23:00 : Chatted with 4 net friends.
02:00 : Went to bed

Hmm I might possibly be addicted to ICQ, well at least thats what my colleague suggests. But honestly I dun think so cos I dun use ICQ at work at all eventhough I could if I wanted to. So I think its more of a lack of a social life rather than an addiction. :(

But going to shoot pool later with 2 ...err...net friends. And I am gonna suck really badly cos I only played pool like once in my life. Why don't they have carrom in those places, I am really good at that, I was my kindergarden champion ok dun play play!

Friday, April 18, 2003

Sigh I am down with a pretty bad cold. You know I think I am allergic to soemthing cos everytime im at home every weekend 9/10 times i get a runny nose and fell like crap. Wished I knew what it was. Hopefully I willl be way better tommorow. I need a hug...*looks out to his blog visitors with tears in his eyes*

Met 8 of my JC classmates for dinner/supper yesterday, it was pretty cool to see all of them again after such a long while but sigh one of my friends said that I had put on a lot of mass around the waist area, man I really need to start working out but sigh so damm lazy! We then went to Swensens at the airport t1, I had grilled chicken which was ok,nothing great and then shared an Earthquake (huge dish of ice cream) with some of them, it was really sinful though.

But I was a little pissed at one of them while we having dinner. He started telling my friends something that I told him in private which kinda sucked cos it wasn't something that I really wanted to share with the other friends and I was embarassed by what he said. Sigh well thats guys for you, anyway thats the last time I am gonna tell him something personal.

Oh Buffy is back ! But at the totally crappy timeslot of 12 am on tuesday. After Bachelor and the new series Birds of Prey. Bachelor is really lame rite now and I wasnt too impressed by the premiere of BoP. Arrgh i hate damm TCS. I probably have to like download the Buffy episodes from Kazaa.
I read this at a Islamic website which was highlighting reasons why they don't eat pork.

"The pig is the most shameless animal on the face of the earth. It is the only animal that invites its friends to have sex with its mate. It feels no jealousy. And among people who consume pork, the practice of wife swapping and other forms of promiscuous behaviour is common. "

Yeah you know now I think of it, after i eat pork , sometimes i am like really tempted to call up my friends and have an orgy.

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

We had a meeting today ...and we have to do 5 minute presentations next wednesday to show our presentation skills and also to correct our mistakes cos appie told us we would be doing a lot of presentations in the future. So he was asking each of us what we wanted to present, it could be absolutely anything we wanted, but when it came to my turn i dun know i couldnt really think of any. Anyway i finally just said I would do a presentation on indian weddings ...and the minute that came out of my mouth I was like why the hell did I choose such a lame ass topic, I hate Indian weddings and I think I been to like 5 in my entire life. Hopefully I can think of something to talk abt by tommorow maybe ask him to change..but my mind is still a blur.

Appie was telling us how he met his gf (she's sporean) on IRC while he was still in Holland. And how that the first time he heard her voice on the phone he knew that she was the one ....he came here to visit her in 99 and they just clicked and now they are gonna get married in a couple of months. Pretty amazing eh? I already know quite a fair number of friends who met their bf/gf through the net as well ......dun know if that will happen to me ...but i doubt so though.

I think I might give IRC another shot ....who knows i might meet like a pair of hot Swedish twins on some irc channel and we fall hopelessly in love with each other...hey it could happen alright! And if it does happen I can safely say I will be the happiest man on earth!

Monday, April 14, 2003

Been all alone at home since Sunday evening, cos my folks went over to my sister's place at Woodlands , its the indian new year. But quite shiok lah having the whole house to myself, can do stuff around the house that you can't do with anyone around, you know like walk around naked and ....err thats abt it but still fun lah. If I had a digital camera I would take pictures of myself and post it up here for you gals to see but unfortunately I don't. Nevermind not long until I get my pay so just hang in there.

Went to the library on Sunday afternoon also to return my way way overdue books and borrowed 2 others, 'Learning the vi editor' for work and 'A whore just like the rest' by Richard Meltzer a rock critic. Not a lot of good books on rock music at Bedok library. There were tons of them on the Beatles which is ok but i mean come on, how about Led Zeppelin ?? And then even had a book on Bon Jovi ...bleah

Hmm Appie said that there might be a chance that we might be able to work from home in the near future. Actually he used to work mostly from home before we came but now he has to supervise us as well. But now that we are more or less comfortable with our work, there might be a possibility that we get that chance (to work from home) maybe like one or two days a week. Well if that becomes a reality Im telling you it would be so damm cool. Cos the travelling really takes so much out of me sometimes. Just gotta wait and see.

Sunday, April 13, 2003

Was watching this local kiddie show called 'Champs' on Central cos a friend of mine was going to be in it. Well the show was really lame, I tell ya it was basically promoting volunteerism to kids. And they really went to the extreme to do that. One scene had 2 kids selling flags at the MRT station; one kid was saying how much he loved doing it while the other agreed and said selling flags really helps build up his confidence. Kid, if selling flags can build up your confidence, then you got more problems than a lack of confidence I tell ya! Oh and another scene showed a group of kids volunteering to clean up the school garden and pond ....then when they finished doing it they all hi-fived each other and cheered......Riiiiiiigggghhhht

Anyway my friend had 2 lines .."what is your idea" and "that's a good idea"..... but its pretty cool seeing a friend on tv though, you go gal!

Saturday, April 12, 2003

Met Jiaqi, the birthday gal and Sabrina for lunch at Sizzler at Suntec City and the food kinda sucked, I had like teriyaki ground beef steak with cheese on top, wouldn't really recommend it. But the soup and salad buffet was pretty good and really filling, and also had ice cream ...by the end of it I was really full ..oh ya and finally had the bday cake , mango fruit cake ! Anyway I am skipping dinner now, must watch my figure you know it doesnt just maintain itself! Speaking of figure when I came back i realised that my jeans was torn at the back of my waist, damm giordano I should sue them, now i only have 1 pair of jeans left. And I dun get my pay for another 2 weeks!

Anyway it was really cool catching up with the two of them and talking and stuff, I haven't done that like in a while. Oh and huge thanks to Jiaqi for lending me the LOTR book, i owe you one babe !

Heh Man Utd is leading Newcastle 6-1 with 30 minutes left to go...Yeah you heard me right. I tell you this is the best I seen them play in a long long time, they were such a joy to watch, they totally walked all over Newcastle, who are supposed to be challenging for the title as well. They gonna play Arse (nal) next week, I think after this kind of display, any Arse fan (I call them arses) will probably be really nervous about that match! Well im sorry Arses but come next week you gonna get your asses kicked woohoo!

Friday, April 11, 2003

Yes finally the weekend is here ! Was a pretty short day we had training again at Sun main office at Central Mall, but after that I met the boyfriend of a net friend of mine for coffee (for the first time ever)cos he works in the same building as well. He;s probably the first guy I met off the net and most likely he will be the last also. No it wasn't as weird as it sounds. But not gonna say anything more about that.

Oh yeah bought the birthday gift for my friend whom I'm gonna meet tommorow ; I offered her a free ride on the stallion (aka me) instead but she politely declined, think she was probably too shy lah that poor gal, I'm sure she was tempted. She's 23 now ...sigh I can still remember holding her in my arms when she was a little baby, kids grow up so fast nowdays dun they ....sniff...

Oh yeah had to do a lot of whining,crying and begging just now to my mom to give me 50 dollars for tommorow cos I am totally broke now. Yeah let me assure you the sight of a 24 year old man in tears begging his mom for money isn't something anyone wants to see. What to do when it comes to my family we believe in tough love, gotta earn everything we get. I can still remember that since I was a year old I had to go to the provision shop to get my own diapers and milk powder, thats how independent we had to be.Kids nowdays got it easy man!

When i was in the MRT today and the train reached Boon Lay MRT which is the last train station, there was this gal who was still sleeping but the gal beside her didnt even bother to wake her up, she just got up and left so I woke her up by tapping her on the shoulder. Isn't that like the decent thing to do, I mean if it was me I would also want someone to wake me up if I overslept. However, some friends I asked later said that they probably wouldn't also which I found pretty weird. Oh well.

Oh ya a net friend pointed out that all the blogs I link to save one are gals. I didn't even notice that. Interesting.

Thursday, April 10, 2003

Today was such a good day. Went to Sun Office for Solaris 9 administrator training from 10 to 12, and after that had lunch at Marche's(sp?) at suntec city, Sun paid for us which I thought was really cool of them. I ate like nobodys bizness, had sirloin steak with baked potato on the side, pizza and crepe with banana, strawberries and ice cream. Damm wished I could have ate more but I was way too full after that. Eh wat still haven't get my pay so this kinda thing must take advantage rite ! Anyway the bill came up to like 360 bucks for like 12 of us and that was like after a 60 dollar discount somemore. Hope we do this again soon!

After that we got to go back straight home (provided we work from home), i got back like 3:30 and napped like a pig until 7 ...now gonna do some work or else I'm gonna feel a little guilty.

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Nothing much happened today. I was supposed to get this task that I was looking forward to, involving software that does 2D cartoon animation but we have too many tasks right now so we had to put it aside for now. Oh I am gonna get my namecards (a whole box of it like 100) and this special card that will allow me access to the computers and phones in the Sun's main office this friday so thats pretty cool especially the namecard cos its gonna say "Gilbert Thomas, Associate Engineer, Grid Computing, Asia Pacific Science and Technology Center". How sounds impressive or not? First thing I am gonna do once I get the card is find that gal who ignored me that day when I was flexing my biceps and give it to her. Now I think of it I was being an MCP when I said shes probably a lesbian that time. But if she ignores me again then well shes definitely ....err not straight.

Got another training by Sam at Sun main office tommorow morning, looking forward to it, a welcome break from work and he's such a cool guy. And also get to wake up an hour late so thats always a plus!

Meeting up with a group of friends on Saturday to celebrate the bday of one of them. I think this is like the first time I will be going out anywhere in a month other than work which is kinda sad. But gotta ask Mommy for money cos I still haven't gotten paid, but they told me I will get paid on the 24th or 25th of the month so keeping my fingers crossed.

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Arrgh I am an evil man! Supposed to call a friend to wish her happy birthday at midnight today but I totally forgot! Damm gonna call her at lunchtime and wish her.

A net friend told me that this Sporean guy whom she chatted with like 4 times in like 4 months ON ICQ is now telling her that he is totally in love with her and desperately wants to meet her. When she, and rather wisely i might add, said no, he said stuff like that he will always love her and the ball is in her court and crazy stuff like that.There are some really really weird people on the net aren't they.

Ok ok I can relate a little, i thought I was in love with a gal that I went out with like 3 times last year also but thats something totally different alright, she was hot as hell so all the blood from my brain went down to my penis (and its a lot of blood I tell ya) hence causing me to be temporarily insane. Anyway it wasn't as bad as it sounds also, I did get her to drop the restraining order within a week and she no longer has this look of fear in her eyes when we meet. Anyway I digress, that guy is really weird isn't he?
Eek I got Simon-phobia now. Everytime I see him I get damm nervous cos he arrows me all the time for tasks! My colleagues are even starting to make fun of me, saying I am his pet and stuff like that. He is a nice guy but he just makes me nervous leh and I feel really uncomfortable around him . Hope this feeling doesn't last long.

Alright I just watched Friends and Scrubs just now and was too tired to laugh even. Gonna go to bed now....eh wait maybe surf some porn first.

Sunday, April 06, 2003

Fed and took the dogs for a walk, cos my folks went to 2 weddings today. I hate indian weddings, they are usually incredibly long-winded and really really boring, can stretch up to 3 hours. I mean would you want to sit in a chair for 2 hours plus and listen to a priest chanting non-stop in a language that you don't really understand. I didn't think so! So I lied and told them that I had work to do which was true, but I ended up not doing it...hmm that still constitutes a lie right?

Anyway when I brought my dogs down I wore a singlet to show off my recently enlarged biceps ( thanks to all the walks I been going for) and I saw this quite cute looking chick at the void deck waiting for someone. So I walked in front of her and at the same time discreetly flexed my (recently enlarged) biceps. She looked at me for like a sec then looked away. That's all. Sigh well its pretty obvious isn't it? She must be a lesbian!

Gonna need to think of something to say later for the meeting tommorow. Simon is going to be there so it's gonna be more serious than the usual meetings.. Stress !!!
Read about this survey that showed that gay men had much longer penises compared to their straight counterparts. Sigh well we all know what this means. Yes ladies its sad but true, I must be gay. Really really gay.

Karl Urban: you like them tall, dark, sexy and fun.

Which guy are you destined to have sex with?
brought to you by Quizilla

I don't even know who that is! But I guess I wouldnt mind having sex with him, he seems kinda cute....

Saturday, April 05, 2003

I absolutely hate seafood. Any kind of seafood. Fish, crabs, prawns you name it I hate it. I hate fish cos I hate the horrible feeling you get when u swallow a fishbone by mistake, and it happens way too many times for my liking. I hate crabs cos they scare the shit out of me with their black beady eyes and extra large pincers. I am telling you those things are evil , I can feel my hair stand everytime i pass a tank with crabs in it, can practically feel those eyes following my every step. If my family was attacked by a horde of crabs one day i will probably just scream and run away, thats how much I fear them. Prawns dun bother me that much , unless it is those big prawns then same thing I dun touch them.

Despite this, what did my mom cook today? Prawn curry, fish sambal and fried fish. I skipped lunch but i had to have dinner cos being a growing boy I need food mah. So I had rice with the vegetables and sambal without the fish. And ice cream. Burp

Friday, April 04, 2003

So I went for a grid seminar at NUS today, pretty boring stuff actually but the food was really good , free refreshments and lunch provided! Actually we left the seminar earlier cos we had training at Sun office at 1 pm, but the lady who organised the whole event persuaded us to have lunch first and told the caterers to start serving so we could eat which was really cool of her. Just hope people didnt think we came out of the auditorium just so that we could eat first ! Oh ya also got free pen woohoo, cos I was thinking of buying but now no need.

The training was really good cos Sam, the presenter, is a really wacky guy! I laughed quite a few times while he was explaining to us the exciting new features of Solaris 10 which will only be out next year, he keeps cracking jokes and he has this really infectious laugh that totally cracks me up each time. Definitely a very fun guy to be around, looking forward to next week's training. But he wore a cowboy hat when he left the office that was a little ...unusual.

Yay finally got my Sun badge, with a photo of my face on it. So now I can like join Sun seminars and enter the Sun office whenever I want. But I look like crap in the photo which kinda sucks, but then again I look like crap in real life so can't really complain can I.

Read this at a blog:

"He washes my hair almost all the time, he likes to do it - and he's better than the hair-wash people at salons. Whenever I have backaches, he'll massage me. He stays up with me when I work, and soothes me to sleep when I'm fretting. And the best thing is, he's always trying to communicate his thoughts, feelings and his love, and working towards being a better person."

What an amazing guy, that made me feel so envious of her ! (No i am not gay)

Thursday, April 03, 2003

Heh me and a colleague just got a pretty big animation project to do , its like a 3 month kinda thingy. I'm kinda glad I have this actually because for one it involves Java (woohoo!) and secondly it sounds it involves way less research and more hands on work. But its gonna be pretty tough from the look of it but at least it will be challenging thats whats gonna do it for me.

I will be going down to NUS tommorow in the morning to some LT in Biz Ad cos we have a Sun Microsystems seminar thingy there, and in the afternoon we will be rushing to the office for training. Also gonna be appying for our Sun badges at the same time.

Not sure what I am gonna be doing this weekend. I am pretty sure I killed all the ticks on my dogs already.
I think I am in love with Anindita, the hot Indian lawyer babe from the Bachelor. She's like a totally feisty chick who isnt scared to speak her mind, what more could you ask for in a woman ! She told Christi off when she talked bad about another woman behind her back. Even better was when she walked out on the Bachelor before he made his decision to pick the final 10. That took balls! And the American-Chinese gal followed her shortly afterwards. She said in an
interview that it was because earlier she and the american chinese gal asked him what his parents thought about interracial marriages and he didnt give a
satisfactory answer. Sigh if I was the Bachelor I would have proposed to her there and then and ask the rest to go back.

Oh yeah Christi seems a little insane. And Aaron was dumb to have picked her. She was like winking and giving
him one kind of weird look while he was handing out roses, so obvious she was hinting, actually more like pressurising him to pick her. And when the number of roses grew less and less she was close to tears. And the part when the credits were rolling and she was like telling another gal how much she loved Aaron (repeatedly) , that was just creepy! In the trailer for next week Aaron was mentioning that she had 'a Fatal Attraction thing going on there' which was kinda mean but pretty funny! And its obvious the producers were milking the psycho woman angle for all its worth (she got way way more screen time than the rest), so gotta pity her a little.

Tuesday, April 01, 2003

*start of slightly dramatised incident that happened to me earlier*
As I was walking back from bedok interchange to chai chee today, I came upon this kid who was struggling to get his skate scooter up a flight of stairs, and all his other skater friends were already way ahead of him. I snatched the scooter from him and carried it effortlessly up the flight of stairs. (thanks to my enlarged biceps)

He looked at me with tears of gratitude in his eyes and said "Thank you, strong and unbelievably handsome uncle. Don't know what I would have done without you." I gave a hearty laugh and replied "Nah dun worry little weak one, one day you will be as strong as me, even if you probably won't be as handsome. Now run along and catch up to your friends. And don't tell anyone about what I did for you ok!" The kid nodded, wiped away his tears and rode away on his little scooter.
*end of slightly dramatised incident*

Feels good to have done such a selfless act of kindness. Can't believe a guy like me can still single. Yes ladies if you didn't catch that I am totally available !

Not a good day today. I had a really bad stomach upset in the morning and was totally full of gas, in fact I could even feel the gas being produced in my large intestine as I was doing my work. It was really uncomfortable I tell ya, felt like ...errr...a guy pumped full of gas. Anyway feeling better now thank god.

Had this training/presentation by this guy from Sun Microsystems on Sun hardware for around an hour and a half and I was really struggling to stay awake the whole time. It was like an hour after lunch and the topic wasnt really interesting. Anyway I think he must have noticed cos there were only like 10 of us only. Kinda embarassing.

Eek I think I feel more gas producing rite now!
Today in Fear Factor, 4 gals dived into a tank with crocodiles. It almost seemed too crazy to be true. I have to admit that I probably wouldn't have the balls to do it, so gotta give those gals due respect. But a guy won the 100k though but it wasn't really fair cos the final challenge was a rather physical one.

Walked home from Bedok Interchange to Chai Chee instead of taking the bus today. It wasn't that long a walk around 15 minutes but it was pretty good workout (hey im not in the fittest state right now) and I think I can almost feel my biceps growing so it's all good. Gonna do it again tommorow.

I'm ahead, I'm a man
I'm the first mammal to wear pants, yeah
I'm at peace with my lust
I can kill 'cause in God I trust, yeah
It's evolution, baby

Do The Evolution by Pearl Jam