Saturday, March 29, 2003

Yesterday while I was sitting in the train with my colleague there was this woman who was standing quite close to us. The thing is I wasn't sure if she was pregnant or just fat so I didnt know if I should have gave up my seat to her. I mean she didn't have the 'glow' that pregnant women supposedly have so I thought she was just fat. And if I had gave up my seat to her and she wasn't pregnant it would have been quite an insult. Anyway my colleague stood up and gave up her seat to her , and I think she was pregnant cos i heard the woman's friends using words like 'maternity' and 'baby'. Anyway I was a bit paiseh lor(embarassed) cos being the guy I should have offered my seat. Oh well I propose that maybe pregnant woman should have like a special badge or a wristband to show that they are pregnant I think that would help a lot.

Alright if I could point you to the left of my blog you can see a brand new zonkboard version 2 installed, so for the lazy asses who are too lazy to click the comment link you can just leave your comments there. Nah just kidding It's just there cos Haloscan screws up sometimes. Please please do try and use it , and use different names if possible everytime u give a comment so that it will seem like I got much more friends than just the 4 of you.

Ok I'm going back to the ticks on my dogs , die you little bloodsucking scum!

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