Sunday, March 16, 2003

Woohoo Boy is getting better... I brought him to another vet a week ago after the medication i got from another doctor like a month back didnt work. This vet told me he had seborrhea which is a genetic disease that some shi tzus , snouzers and some other breeds have and its uncurable. But it can be controlled with a jab but it only lasts like 2 months ...So after 2 months I have to bring him back for another jab. But at least now hes really feeling better. He is much active now compared to like a month back and he doesnt smell also.

Sigh I'm sick still have to do housework ....Just hung out like 6 poles of heavy laundry. Now sweating like a pig in a cage on antibiotics..Told my mom I wasn't feeling well but she was like "Dun bluff, just hang the laundry..!" *grumbles*

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