Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Woke up late today , at 8:30, i had to be at work at 9. Had to take a cab which cost me like 20 bucks, and I still haven't been paid yet so had to ask my dad for the money. Speaking of which it could take up to a month for me to be paid which kinda sucks but there is nothing we can do. So can look forward to one more month of asking my parents for money ..sigh.

Read an article in Streats today where a reporter posed as a 15 year old gal on IRC and got numerous sexual advances from various guys, basically showing how dangerous it is on IRC for young teenagers. OK heres the thing , this isn't the first time a reporter did something like this , i can remember Strait Times doing something similar a while back and also New Paper if I'm not wrong. Secondly everyone knows how dangerous it is, but they(the reporters) aren't doing anything about it or even giving suggestions to try tackle the problem, its like the only reason they are covering it is cos its a juicy news story. I seriously think that maybe we should start educating teenagers and kids in primary and secondary schools about the dangers in IRC and online chatting in general and meeting strangers from the net because lets face it , most kids are naive at that age (I know I was) and at the same time are really curious also. Just my two cents worth.

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