Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Went to see 'The Pianist' yesterday night with a friend at Tampines Mall and also had dinner at BK; so much for my plan to lose weight. The Pianist was a really good movie about the experiences of a famous Jewish pianist during the holocaust and its really amazing what the guy went through and what he did just to survive it eventhough he had a good deal of luck as well. Honestly, I think if I was in his situation I would have probably lost my mind. Gonna download Schindler's List and watch during the weekend.

Got a whole list of tasks given to me at work today and I'm feeling a little stressed. I have to go read up and learn abt Sun Grid Engine, Open Grid Services Architecture, Message Passing Interface and J2EE. And no I have no experience with any of them except for J2EE so thats why a bit kanchong. Gotta really up the tempo starting tommorow.

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