Monday, March 24, 2003

Well the singnet gal came over again and I said I wasn't interested. She was trying to change my mind for a couple of minutes but then gave up. Feel kinda bad cos she did spend like half an hour talking to me yesterday to try and persuade me. Damm my raging hormones, next time I should just say no immediately.

Yesterday I went to the general office in NTU to look for Simon's office and I went into the office , the woman at the desk told me no students were allowed in the room. When I told her that I was a staff there , she was pretty surprised and said that I was looked young and handsome to be a staff there. Ok so she didn't really say the yong and handsome part , but thats what she thought cos I could see the lustful look in her eyes, and I know it cos I have seen that same look in so many middle-aged women that I have met. Then she started following me around using the pretense that she wanted to help me find the office, but I thankfully Appie called me and told me to get back to the lab. Damm it's so hard being the stallion sometimes.

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