Sunday, March 23, 2003

Was talking to this rather cute chick from Singnet, she was trying to get me to change to 512k adsl and she was talking to me for like 1/2 an hour, she even came into my room, I tell you no gal can resist the stallion ! Ok ok so she came into my room to check my PC but she stayed there to talk to me instead so thats something rite !
But my room was a total mess , I had like used cotton buds and 3 glasses on my computer table so a bit paiseh but I think my charisma kinda overshadowed all that. Anyway she will be coming tommorow and I am gonna tell her I am not interested cos I am pretty happy with my cable modem. Hmm but feel so guilty leh .....Haha if it was a guy I probably would have told him to get lost at the door...I am such a buaya.

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