Saturday, March 29, 2003

Was playing tetris at TNET this evening and had this following conversation with this guy (he sounds like a USian
Guy: play teams?
Me : me no speak english
Guy: Who gives a damm you stupid fuck!
Me : me no like you , me no want to friend with you.
Me : you bad man speak bad words
Guy: Fuck you, u r a fagg
Me : u r a fagg?
Guy: Yes.
Game starts and I totally whip his ass and win the game.
Me: Me win ?
Guy : Yes you won you dumb fuck.
Trashes him again the next game
Me: You bad at game no ?
Guy leaves.

Damm that was funny as hell really enjoyed that. I dun know when I am playing games I tend to be really arrogant and annoy people just for the fun of it. I would insult them like telling them they suck or that my dog can play better than them, but only guys lah or gals who are like totally bitchy.

And thats the end of my Saturday.

Oh I almost forgot I changed my phone ,err the red sporty rubbery one i think its 5610 for a smaller one, 8250 ...I dun know whats the difference other than the size but it has to be better right cos the model number is bigger!

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