Sunday, March 30, 2003

Read in Life today about how Adrian Brody, the guy who won Best Actor for his lead role in The Pianist, went on a starvation diet which caused him to lose 14kg in 6 weeks, stopped listening to any type of post 1940 music and sold off his car, threw away his handphone and locked his NY apartment to try and experience a bit of the loss that his character went through. Talk about dedication to his art! The movie is really amazing and for those who haven't seen it please do.

Did nothing much today. Played more TNET, chatted with some net friends online, efiled my parents' tax returns and took a nap. And just like that my weekend is over. Back to work tommorow.

Mom bought a tub of ice cream today. Sigh here I am trying to cut down on junk food and she's tempting me with stuff like this. And now shes asking me to eat it arrrghh.

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