Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Oh ya totally forgot had another vivid dream yesterday. The most vivid one I had since the one i had in December last year, that one was about me banging a net friend i never met. Eh hello it was a dream ok not like I could control it or anything!

*Start of Dream*
My cousin lost his job and I got him a job at my place. Then one of my colleagues had this huge problem with him and after that he was forced to quit. Then I and him were at my another cousin's house..and my sister and her friends were like mass dancing to this tamil song so we both went into the bedroom. And there he was like thanking me for recommending the jobstreet.com website to him cos he found like several suitable jobs there. Then he handed me a book abt Solaris (Sun's Operating System) to thank me.
*End of Dream*

Talk about a totally geeky dream. Sigh..well dreams never make sense anyway.

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