Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Oh god today's meet the folks was the funniest ever ! Instead of the usual 3 guys trying to win a dream holiday date with one gal , it was the other way around. But the guy was kind of a perv, he was like trying to get the 3 gals to flash him while they were in the jacuzzi together. And worse the 3 gals actually were going to do it but the dad stopped it. And the guy was totally ignoring the gal with the smallest boobs eventhough she seemed to be the only one with a personality and was like persuading his parents to take the gal with the enormous boobs.

Oh ya and 2 of them seemed to be such bimbos! One of them was a former Teen USA who was like so dumb. Her ex was like telling the parents that she ever moved in with a 60 yr old man who was like her sugar daddy. She rebutted by saying "He wasn't 60, he was 51..." Jesus !

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