Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Just got an email from Simon asking me to convert this HTML document to Excel ...shit I dun know crap abt Excel. Stress Stress!!
Seriously I am getting a little frustrated right now. I mean the tasks that I am doing now aren't really playing to my strengths. For me I want something that is at least a little challenging that involves me using my brain (like programming or learning a new application or technology) .
I wanted to work on the PHP portal but a colleague of mine got that job. I wanted to work on Build-IT which is something like Visual Basic for Java ( a drag and drop application) but couldnt cos it needed Windows (which the lab dun have) and I didnt have a laptop. I wouldn't even mind doing research on JXTA which is a new technology that is being used to create P2P apps and games and stuff like that (but another colleague is doing that) . So I am stuck with searching the internet for bioinformatics applications. Its really frustrating cos first of all some of the apps cant be installed on Solaris ...and then those apps that can be installed have such crappy documentation that I basically have to like figure out how to run them by myself , and its all run by command line ( by typing commands like in DOS). My progress is painfully slow and I really feel extremely unproductive compared to my other colleagues. Sigh really hope I either have a change of heart or get assigned something new really soon.

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