Thursday, March 20, 2003

It's weird nowdays when I talk to my friends online Its like I got like nothing to say. Which is a little weird cos if you know me then u know I'm pretty chatty on ICQ. I guess maybe my brain is just tired or something.

There is the company dinner at this restaurant in Changi tommorow cos this VIP is gonna be there , but it's supposed to be a really casual dinner so I can wear jeans. Heh nowdays I mostly wear jeans to work anyway, but as soon as I get my first paycheck I need to get like 3 pairs more cos now I only got 2 pairs of jeans that fit, it's really weird how my clothes keep shrinking so often.

Anyway I am gonna go to bed early tonight cos I am tired as hell, and also there's nothing good to watch on tv also.

The Bachelor yesterday was really boring cos they were like focusing on the 5 guys they shortlisted to be the bachelor and barely featured the 25 gals! I mean come on who cares abt the bachelor i just wanna see the chicks! And smallville is getting a little boring already I think I might stop watching that pretty soon.

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