Friday, March 28, 2003

Is it just me or is American Idol getting really boring? For me I loved the first 2 episodes cos they were the funniest, who can forget that spanish dude with that horrible rendition of Julio Iglesias's Escape or the arrogant guy who went out to party while the others were busy practicing in their hotel rooms.

Now it is just the same people singing songs every week, only differences are that the song they sing changes and every week there is one less person. I didn't even watch yesterday, was watching Remains of the Day instead but slept at 11:30 (really tired) so didn't manage to finish it.

Close shave yesterday, I was doing some work-UNrelated stuff on my computer (taking a break mah..) and I didn't notice Dr Simon coming in until he spoke up. Think maybe we should hang a bell at the door so that we will know when anyone comes in.
Oh ya Simon said that our paychecks will be delayed a little bit longer, he didnt say exactly how long but he's not in charge so he probably doesn't know. Very very frustrating.

The weekend is almost here and I ain't got any plans. Yup so probably gonna spend it the way I did last week, picking and squashing the horde of ticks on my 2 dogs. And surfing porn.

Have a nice weekend people.

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