Wednesday, March 12, 2003

I would kill for a bathtub now. If I had one I would be lying in it now having a nice bubble bath right now cos I really feel so damm tired right now. Probably be soaking in it until 10 pm. (cos Charmed starts at 10 mah) Got a huge shiny pimple right above my right side of my lip. It is so annoying ..gonna burst it later.

I have such a huge fetish for gals who speak languages that I dun understand. On the way back on the bus from NTU I was sitting beside this gal who was like talking to Swedish or Icelandic or something to her guy friend and it sounded so freaking sexy that I was totally turned on. Dun ask me why I like that. Hey maybe she was saying how hot the indian guy sitting beside her was, who knows right ?

Read in today's newspaper that studies show that hugs can help greatly reduce stress in people. So any gal reading this, if you are really stressed please dun hesitate to call me anytime anyday if you need a hug cos I am just that kind of really caring guy. But if there is more than 1 gal , the gal with skimpier clothing will get higher priority, just to let you know. ;)

Alright off to have my dinner now , bread with fish curry ...I swear my dogs eat better meals than me.

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