Sunday, March 23, 2003

I honestly do not care about the Gulf War that much. Yeah I do read up on it in the papers everyday, but I just browse through the articles quicky. Like in today's papers , they were talking about the kind of bombs and planes that were used in the war ; I didn't read that cos I honestly didn't care. Maybe I should care , after all there are a lot of innocent civilians who are gonna die as a result of this war, but then again there are people dying everywhere like in the poorer countries , of famine or drought or poor living conditions; for me there isn't much difference. Maybe I should care cos its a case of the USA trying to bully the world into follow their lead without even considering other alternatives to war, but I don't. Yes I guess that makes me a totally ignorant person with regards to the war , so those who wanna discuss the war with me , don't say I never warn you hor.

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