Sunday, March 16, 2003

I got a meeting at work tommorow to monitor my progress. I am kind of worried cos I havent had much of progress in the past week, I have tried really hard but I just can't find the stuff that I was supposed to be looking for. And if I tell that to my superior tommorow its gonna sound like an excuse.

Sometimes my parents can be so freaking annoying. They refuse to talk to each other , but they use a technicality to overcome this ,when they need to tell each other something they use ME to relay the messages. I mean its stupid cos if you dun wanna talk dun talk lah ! So like just now the 3 of us were in the hall and my dad tells me to tell my mom to call my aunt. And my mom will then tell me to tell my dad that she already called her. REALLY STUPID. And sometimes they will call me from my room just to do that which pisses me off even more , as if i got nothing better to do like that. No wonder I turned out so weird.

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