Monday, March 31, 2003

I can't sleep. Was tossing around in bed for the last hour but there was like a million thoughts that kept going through my mind. Really strange thoughts. I was thinking about how if something was to happen to me tommorow or the next day, that probably no one but my family would realise it that very day. Was thinking about this girl whose blog I read today, I'm worried for her. Thought about work and how I still feel so unproductive and that maybe I am not putting in the effort that I should. Thought about the fact that I told myself I would do my progress report this weekend but didn't. Thought about that girl. Wondered if I would ever get that which i so desperately want right now and if so when. Wondered if there was anyone in this world who didn't have any problems and was totally happy and contented with their life and if so I wanna ask them why. Thought about how the gal who introduced me to blogging in the first place seems to have lost interest in blogging, and for some reason it made me a little sad. Thought about how stoned I am gonna be at work later.

Gonna try and get back to sleep now.

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