Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Heh so they just passed a law barring cyclists from using footpaths where pedestrians walk on , after people complained in the Strait Times forum about being injured by cyclists who banged into them. Mark my words, once a cyclist gets knocked down by a vehicle on the road they will reverse the ruling.

The Zoo has postponed its 500,000 dollar plan to change its name, logos and image. Which is a waste cos we all know that when people decide whether or not to go to a zoo, the logo and zoo name are the most important factors in their decision and not the quality of the facilities/service/enclosures there.

My day was frustrating, another day of research and I didnt find anything that I was looking for.

Oh ya BLUE is coming to town for a concert , think a lot of gals I know planning to go. Arrrggh wanna say something BAD about them but have to remember that everyone has their own tastes and I should respect them. *fingers itching*

Heh Asha Gil actually smiled during the weakest link next week ! That one must watch!

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