Saturday, March 22, 2003

Had another dream about work today. I dreamt that I and my colleagues were having lunch at this canteen and I went to get mine from the chinese food stall. And for some reason the vendor charged me five bucks for a simple meal with rice and meat and vegetables, I think she was racist or something. Anyway being the demure guy that I was I paid it anyway and went to sit with my colleagues and started eating my lunch. Then this guy came up to me and said his boss from the chinese food stall charged me wrongly just now and asked to pay more! So i got really pissed and I start screwing him, asking him how could a simple meal cost 5 bucks and told him to give me a breakdown of the charges. And he pointed to the signboard on top of the food stall and there it showed that they charged like 50 cents for the plate and another 50 cents for the service! So i got even more pissed and I just started shouting at him even louder and he left. And my colleagues were like totally embarassed.That's it.

Had a really nice company dinner at this place beside the Safra Resort at Changi last night. I think it was a club of some kind cos there was a carpark, a playground and what looked like a games room there. I and another 2 of my colleagues reached the place first and since the rest haven't arrived yet so we decided to go play on the swings at the playground there and it was really pretty fun! And there was this parent there who was staring at us probably wondering what the hell these three adults were doing on the swing. Anyway I think my swing was faulty cos it started to give off this metallic creak you know like in movies when the joint is gonna snap so i didn't stay long on it. : (

Anyway my supervisor and other colleagues arrived not long after and we went to eat. I love the place and the atmosphere; our tables were on the beach in open air just a few feet away from the sea and you could hear the waves and feel the breeze and when you looked up you could see the stars, it was really cool and pretty romantic also at least to me. The food was pretty good too they had like beef, chicken, potato salad, normal salad, sausages that kinda stuff it was a buffet thingy and I had 2 helpings. All in a all had a pretty nice time.

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