Wednesday, March 26, 2003

During the academy awards two days ago there were some Oscar winners who used their 1 (or is it 2?) minute of screen time to voice out their personal views on the war. And why shouldn't they, hell so what if the show's main purpose is to honor outstanding achievements in the film industry, you got millions of people watching it live so might as well make full use of it to express your political views as well, I mean thats what you call freedom of speech and the American way.
I only wished that EVERY one of those winners gave their personal opinion on the war instead of those few who actually did, imagine how much more interesting it would have been then. You would then have 3 hours plus of passionate views on the war, who wouldn't wanna see that!
But why stop at war, I propose that everyone who wins should voice out their personal views on everything, from abortion to welfare to animal rights to tax cuts to racism to movie critics who suck cos they dissed their latest movies. Ok so these topics aren't as hot as the war right now but again , its freedom of speech! If they care about the issues and wanna voice them out during the academy awards they should have the right to, and for those in attendance who dun really wanna hear their views well screw them they suck !
Yeah sure you could join an organisation that fights for those rights like PETA, but how many people you can reach that way compared to the millions who watch the oscars.? And not to mention it is much more work.

Just my 2 cents worth.

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