Monday, March 17, 2003

Dreamt of a commercial about the Singapore Zoo last night (of all things!)
Kid : Mom I wanna go to the bird park!
Mom: You wanna go to the zoo instead? They got a new logo and name and everything!
Kid: Woohoo a new logo!!? Yeah i really wanna see that ! Screw the bird park, let's go to the zoo!
Ok ok i know its corny. Sigh why can't I dream of Cameron Diaz or Gwen Stefani instead?
Read that local footballer was called Blackie by this ang moh footballer during an S-League match. For some reason it made me laugh. Which is really weird cos being Indian I should be offended but yeah it just seems funny to me. Hell I hated it when my schoolmates in St Patrick's called me by the word 'Black' also. Hmm maybe its the first signs of a nervous breakdown or something.

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