Monday, March 31, 2003

I can't sleep. Was tossing around in bed for the last hour but there was like a million thoughts that kept going through my mind. Really strange thoughts. I was thinking about how if something was to happen to me tommorow or the next day, that probably no one but my family would realise it that very day. Was thinking about this girl whose blog I read today, I'm worried for her. Thought about work and how I still feel so unproductive and that maybe I am not putting in the effort that I should. Thought about the fact that I told myself I would do my progress report this weekend but didn't. Thought about that girl. Wondered if I would ever get that which i so desperately want right now and if so when. Wondered if there was anyone in this world who didn't have any problems and was totally happy and contented with their life and if so I wanna ask them why. Thought about how the gal who introduced me to blogging in the first place seems to have lost interest in blogging, and for some reason it made me a little sad. Thought about how stoned I am gonna be at work later.

Gonna try and get back to sleep now.

Sunday, March 30, 2003

Read in Life today about how Adrian Brody, the guy who won Best Actor for his lead role in The Pianist, went on a starvation diet which caused him to lose 14kg in 6 weeks, stopped listening to any type of post 1940 music and sold off his car, threw away his handphone and locked his NY apartment to try and experience a bit of the loss that his character went through. Talk about dedication to his art! The movie is really amazing and for those who haven't seen it please do.

Did nothing much today. Played more TNET, chatted with some net friends online, efiled my parents' tax returns and took a nap. And just like that my weekend is over. Back to work tommorow.

Mom bought a tub of ice cream today. Sigh here I am trying to cut down on junk food and she's tempting me with stuff like this. And now shes asking me to eat it arrrghh.

Saturday, March 29, 2003

Was playing tetris at TNET this evening and had this following conversation with this guy (he sounds like a USian
Guy: play teams?
Me : me no speak english
Guy: Who gives a damm you stupid fuck!
Me : me no like you , me no want to friend with you.
Me : you bad man speak bad words
Guy: Fuck you, u r a fagg
Me : u r a fagg?
Guy: Yes.
Game starts and I totally whip his ass and win the game.
Me: Me win ?
Guy : Yes you won you dumb fuck.
Trashes him again the next game
Me: You bad at game no ?
Guy leaves.

Damm that was funny as hell really enjoyed that. I dun know when I am playing games I tend to be really arrogant and annoy people just for the fun of it. I would insult them like telling them they suck or that my dog can play better than them, but only guys lah or gals who are like totally bitchy.

And thats the end of my Saturday.

Oh I almost forgot I changed my phone ,err the red sporty rubbery one i think its 5610 for a smaller one, 8250 ...I dun know whats the difference other than the size but it has to be better right cos the model number is bigger!
Going to buy 4D for my dad now. $30 dollars big and $20 dollars small for 1317. He spends like 100 bucks a week on that same number for the last 3 -4 years or even more i also can't remember. I here struggling for money and not buying clothes and all the other stuff that I wanna buy till I get my damm pay (which has been delayed once again ) and yet he finds no problem just donating it to the government, and its not like we are rich also. And I hate to buy it cos I dun believe in gambling but what to do still gotta do it.

Just got back from the 4D counter. When i was there filling out the lottery ticket form this indian old woman came up to me and asked me if I could fill up a form for her also and being the kind indian boy that I am i did but then she gave me this piece of paper with 11 different 4-Digit numbers ! Took around 5 minutes to fill it cos the numbers looked like they were written in roman numerals I am not kidding( well she was really old) .

I just changed my nick back to Paranoid Android. I have used like 5 -6 nicks over the past few years for ICQ depending on my mood and situation. First was 'Blacksnake78' explanation necessary. Then there was "Nightcrawler78" cos I always slept really late like 3 -4 am. Then changed to Paranoid Android. Then there was "13" during my whole period of depression late last year when I was jobless and cos of some other stuff that I won't go into. Then came "Space Invader" after a gal i was interested in told me I was invading her space, I don't know why she said that, I only asked her out EVERYDAY for 2 weeks.( I thought she would be flattered ..sniff ) Then now back to Paranoid Android - Paranoid cos I am feeling a little paranoid about work and the damm sars, and Android cos ...err..cos I got buns of steel ?

I know some day you'll have a beautiful life
I know you'll be a sun
In somebody else's sky
but why ... why... why...
can't it be... can't it be mine...

Black - Pearl Jam
Yesterday while I was sitting in the train with my colleague there was this woman who was standing quite close to us. The thing is I wasn't sure if she was pregnant or just fat so I didnt know if I should have gave up my seat to her. I mean she didn't have the 'glow' that pregnant women supposedly have so I thought she was just fat. And if I had gave up my seat to her and she wasn't pregnant it would have been quite an insult. Anyway my colleague stood up and gave up her seat to her , and I think she was pregnant cos i heard the woman's friends using words like 'maternity' and 'baby'. Anyway I was a bit paiseh lor(embarassed) cos being the guy I should have offered my seat. Oh well I propose that maybe pregnant woman should have like a special badge or a wristband to show that they are pregnant I think that would help a lot.

Alright if I could point you to the left of my blog you can see a brand new zonkboard version 2 installed, so for the lazy asses who are too lazy to click the comment link you can just leave your comments there. Nah just kidding It's just there cos Haloscan screws up sometimes. Please please do try and use it , and use different names if possible everytime u give a comment so that it will seem like I got much more friends than just the 4 of you.

Ok I'm going back to the ticks on my dogs , die you little bloodsucking scum!

Friday, March 28, 2003

Is it just me or is American Idol getting really boring? For me I loved the first 2 episodes cos they were the funniest, who can forget that spanish dude with that horrible rendition of Julio Iglesias's Escape or the arrogant guy who went out to party while the others were busy practicing in their hotel rooms.

Now it is just the same people singing songs every week, only differences are that the song they sing changes and every week there is one less person. I didn't even watch yesterday, was watching Remains of the Day instead but slept at 11:30 (really tired) so didn't manage to finish it.

Close shave yesterday, I was doing some work-UNrelated stuff on my computer (taking a break mah..) and I didn't notice Dr Simon coming in until he spoke up. Think maybe we should hang a bell at the door so that we will know when anyone comes in.
Oh ya Simon said that our paychecks will be delayed a little bit longer, he didnt say exactly how long but he's not in charge so he probably doesn't know. Very very frustrating.

The weekend is almost here and I ain't got any plans. Yup so probably gonna spend it the way I did last week, picking and squashing the horde of ticks on my 2 dogs. And surfing porn.

Have a nice weekend people.

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Damm SAR is really getting scary. 2 people died today from it in Singapore today and the health ministry and MOE closed all schools for a week and a half 'to assure the concerned parents'. Parents were already writing in to the strait times forum last week telling MOE to extend the school holidays by a week but the damm government as usual ignored them; but after a kid was infected last week they do an about turn and give in.
Call me a paranoid android but the thing I am really worried about is when I go to work in the morning , the MRT is packed like crazy and if really sueh sueh(unlucky) got someone near me with flu i think its really gonna freak me out. OK maybe i am overreacting but I dun know have to admit I am kinda scared.
During the academy awards two days ago there were some Oscar winners who used their 1 (or is it 2?) minute of screen time to voice out their personal views on the war. And why shouldn't they, hell so what if the show's main purpose is to honor outstanding achievements in the film industry, you got millions of people watching it live so might as well make full use of it to express your political views as well, I mean thats what you call freedom of speech and the American way.
I only wished that EVERY one of those winners gave their personal opinion on the war instead of those few who actually did, imagine how much more interesting it would have been then. You would then have 3 hours plus of passionate views on the war, who wouldn't wanna see that!
But why stop at war, I propose that everyone who wins should voice out their personal views on everything, from abortion to welfare to animal rights to tax cuts to racism to movie critics who suck cos they dissed their latest movies. Ok so these topics aren't as hot as the war right now but again , its freedom of speech! If they care about the issues and wanna voice them out during the academy awards they should have the right to, and for those in attendance who dun really wanna hear their views well screw them they suck !
Yeah sure you could join an organisation that fights for those rights like PETA, but how many people you can reach that way compared to the millions who watch the oscars.? And not to mention it is much more work.

Just my 2 cents worth.

Monday, March 24, 2003

Well the singnet gal came over again and I said I wasn't interested. She was trying to change my mind for a couple of minutes but then gave up. Feel kinda bad cos she did spend like half an hour talking to me yesterday to try and persuade me. Damm my raging hormones, next time I should just say no immediately.

Yesterday I went to the general office in NTU to look for Simon's office and I went into the office , the woman at the desk told me no students were allowed in the room. When I told her that I was a staff there , she was pretty surprised and said that I was looked young and handsome to be a staff there. Ok so she didn't really say the yong and handsome part , but thats what she thought cos I could see the lustful look in her eyes, and I know it cos I have seen that same look in so many middle-aged women that I have met. Then she started following me around using the pretense that she wanted to help me find the office, but I thankfully Appie called me and told me to get back to the lab. Damm it's so hard being the stallion sometimes.

Sunday, March 23, 2003

Was talking to this rather cute chick from Singnet, she was trying to get me to change to 512k adsl and she was talking to me for like 1/2 an hour, she even came into my room, I tell you no gal can resist the stallion ! Ok ok so she came into my room to check my PC but she stayed there to talk to me instead so thats something rite !
But my room was a total mess , I had like used cotton buds and 3 glasses on my computer table so a bit paiseh but I think my charisma kinda overshadowed all that. Anyway she will be coming tommorow and I am gonna tell her I am not interested cos I am pretty happy with my cable modem. Hmm but feel so guilty leh .....Haha if it was a guy I probably would have told him to get lost at the door...I am such a buaya.
I honestly do not care about the Gulf War that much. Yeah I do read up on it in the papers everyday, but I just browse through the articles quicky. Like in today's papers , they were talking about the kind of bombs and planes that were used in the war ; I didn't read that cos I honestly didn't care. Maybe I should care , after all there are a lot of innocent civilians who are gonna die as a result of this war, but then again there are people dying everywhere like in the poorer countries , of famine or drought or poor living conditions; for me there isn't much difference. Maybe I should care cos its a case of the USA trying to bully the world into follow their lead without even considering other alternatives to war, but I don't. Yes I guess that makes me a totally ignorant person with regards to the war , so those who wanna discuss the war with me , don't say I never warn you hor.

Saturday, March 22, 2003

Watching Miss Singapore Universe now and I got no idea how the judges rate the contestants. I am guessing they just close their eyes and press the buttons at random or something. I really hope that Melinda Kaur wins it, and if not her then Eileen or that Eurasian chick Holly. Anyone else and I am going to petition the organisers to send me instead.

Crap Melinda screwed up the interview question......think it might cost her. Ok none of my 3 picks made it to the final 5...Just curious what other pple think cos maybe I got unusual tastes in women or something....Comment and tell me k?
Had another dream about work today. I dreamt that I and my colleagues were having lunch at this canteen and I went to get mine from the chinese food stall. And for some reason the vendor charged me five bucks for a simple meal with rice and meat and vegetables, I think she was racist or something. Anyway being the demure guy that I was I paid it anyway and went to sit with my colleagues and started eating my lunch. Then this guy came up to me and said his boss from the chinese food stall charged me wrongly just now and asked to pay more! So i got really pissed and I start screwing him, asking him how could a simple meal cost 5 bucks and told him to give me a breakdown of the charges. And he pointed to the signboard on top of the food stall and there it showed that they charged like 50 cents for the plate and another 50 cents for the service! So i got even more pissed and I just started shouting at him even louder and he left. And my colleagues were like totally embarassed.That's it.

Had a really nice company dinner at this place beside the Safra Resort at Changi last night. I think it was a club of some kind cos there was a carpark, a playground and what looked like a games room there. I and another 2 of my colleagues reached the place first and since the rest haven't arrived yet so we decided to go play on the swings at the playground there and it was really pretty fun! And there was this parent there who was staring at us probably wondering what the hell these three adults were doing on the swing. Anyway I think my swing was faulty cos it started to give off this metallic creak you know like in movies when the joint is gonna snap so i didn't stay long on it. : (

Anyway my supervisor and other colleagues arrived not long after and we went to eat. I love the place and the atmosphere; our tables were on the beach in open air just a few feet away from the sea and you could hear the waves and feel the breeze and when you looked up you could see the stars, it was really cool and pretty romantic also at least to me. The food was pretty good too they had like beef, chicken, potato salad, normal salad, sausages that kinda stuff it was a buffet thingy and I had 2 helpings. All in a all had a pretty nice time.

Thursday, March 20, 2003

It's weird nowdays when I talk to my friends online Its like I got like nothing to say. Which is a little weird cos if you know me then u know I'm pretty chatty on ICQ. I guess maybe my brain is just tired or something.

There is the company dinner at this restaurant in Changi tommorow cos this VIP is gonna be there , but it's supposed to be a really casual dinner so I can wear jeans. Heh nowdays I mostly wear jeans to work anyway, but as soon as I get my first paycheck I need to get like 3 pairs more cos now I only got 2 pairs of jeans that fit, it's really weird how my clothes keep shrinking so often.

Anyway I am gonna go to bed early tonight cos I am tired as hell, and also there's nothing good to watch on tv also.

The Bachelor yesterday was really boring cos they were like focusing on the 5 guys they shortlisted to be the bachelor and barely featured the 25 gals! I mean come on who cares abt the bachelor i just wanna see the chicks! And smallville is getting a little boring already I think I might stop watching that pretty soon.

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Oh god today's meet the folks was the funniest ever ! Instead of the usual 3 guys trying to win a dream holiday date with one gal , it was the other way around. But the guy was kind of a perv, he was like trying to get the 3 gals to flash him while they were in the jacuzzi together. And worse the 3 gals actually were going to do it but the dad stopped it. And the guy was totally ignoring the gal with the smallest boobs eventhough she seemed to be the only one with a personality and was like persuading his parents to take the gal with the enormous boobs.

Oh ya and 2 of them seemed to be such bimbos! One of them was a former Teen USA who was like so dumb. Her ex was like telling the parents that she ever moved in with a 60 yr old man who was like her sugar daddy. She rebutted by saying "He wasn't 60, he was 51..." Jesus !
You are 18% geek
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Take the Polygeek Quiz at

Stayed up until 1 am to do the dashboard webpage thingy and excel file for Simon. Still not done yet . Hope he doesn't screw me for it during the meeting at 2 pm later. Also not sure what I am gonna say if he or Appie asks me for my progress.

I think I am probably gonna start a work-related blog. Then I can like update at the end of every work day ; it will allow me to keep track of what I have been doing and also I can show my superiors what I have been doing on a daily basis. Hopefully can get it set up by today !

Monday, March 17, 2003

Dreamt of a commercial about the Singapore Zoo last night (of all things!)
Kid : Mom I wanna go to the bird park!
Mom: You wanna go to the zoo instead? They got a new logo and name and everything!
Kid: Woohoo a new logo!!? Yeah i really wanna see that ! Screw the bird park, let's go to the zoo!
Ok ok i know its corny. Sigh why can't I dream of Cameron Diaz or Gwen Stefani instead?
Read that local footballer was called Blackie by this ang moh footballer during an S-League match. For some reason it made me laugh. Which is really weird cos being Indian I should be offended but yeah it just seems funny to me. Hell I hated it when my schoolmates in St Patrick's called me by the word 'Black' also. Hmm maybe its the first signs of a nervous breakdown or something.
Ok I added a change background color for those of you who use older browsers. My blog looks really dark on those browsers making the words hard to read. Not sure which color would be best cos i dun have any of those browsers so if you are one of them then suggestions will be very much appreciated!

Oh ya a reminder : Making your scrollbars the exact same color as the background so that it is invisible is a big NO NO. It is not fun trying to figure out where the damm scrollbars are when you are trying to scoll a page. Not everyone has mouse with wheels ok. I seen some blogs like that , annoying as hell. Almost as annoying as those which loads music and force you to listen to it when you visit the website.

Sunday, March 16, 2003

I got a meeting at work tommorow to monitor my progress. I am kind of worried cos I havent had much of progress in the past week, I have tried really hard but I just can't find the stuff that I was supposed to be looking for. And if I tell that to my superior tommorow its gonna sound like an excuse.

Sometimes my parents can be so freaking annoying. They refuse to talk to each other , but they use a technicality to overcome this ,when they need to tell each other something they use ME to relay the messages. I mean its stupid cos if you dun wanna talk dun talk lah ! So like just now the 3 of us were in the hall and my dad tells me to tell my mom to call my aunt. And my mom will then tell me to tell my dad that she already called her. REALLY STUPID. And sometimes they will call me from my room just to do that which pisses me off even more , as if i got nothing better to do like that. No wonder I turned out so weird.
Woohoo Boy is getting better... I brought him to another vet a week ago after the medication i got from another doctor like a month back didnt work. This vet told me he had seborrhea which is a genetic disease that some shi tzus , snouzers and some other breeds have and its uncurable. But it can be controlled with a jab but it only lasts like 2 months ...So after 2 months I have to bring him back for another jab. But at least now hes really feeling better. He is much active now compared to like a month back and he doesnt smell also.

Sigh I'm sick still have to do housework ....Just hung out like 6 poles of heavy laundry. Now sweating like a pig in a cage on antibiotics..Told my mom I wasn't feeling well but she was like "Dun bluff, just hang the laundry..!" *grumbles*

Saturday, March 15, 2003

Damm Haloscan down again. I didnt go anywhere today got struck by a really bad running nose , basically dripping mucus the whole day. Spend the most of my morning doing the Excel thing from work ....still struggling with it.Have to go down to the library tommorow and borrow a book on it to help me.

I think I am going to put in a shoutbox or something like that so that at least when the comment server is down the 4 of you who read my blog can still comment.

Friday, March 14, 2003

Spend the whole day doing the Excel thingy for Simon ...I am going to try and finish it tommorow , now too tired liao.

So might be going to the IT fair at Suntec tommorow ..eventhough I got no cash at all to buy anything thanks to crappy management from a certain govt board. Then there's this local gig featuring various bands from NUS halls at Youth Park from 6 - 9 pm. Thinking of going to that one if can find someone to go with ..anyone interested? *looks pleadingly* . But I got the feeling most of the bands are probably going to sing chinese songs or cover bands like bon jovi and linkin park *eek* but hopefully there's at least a few decent bands that I will like.

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Just got an email from Simon asking me to convert this HTML document to Excel ...shit I dun know crap abt Excel. Stress Stress!!
Seriously I am getting a little frustrated right now. I mean the tasks that I am doing now aren't really playing to my strengths. For me I want something that is at least a little challenging that involves me using my brain (like programming or learning a new application or technology) .
I wanted to work on the PHP portal but a colleague of mine got that job. I wanted to work on Build-IT which is something like Visual Basic for Java ( a drag and drop application) but couldnt cos it needed Windows (which the lab dun have) and I didnt have a laptop. I wouldn't even mind doing research on JXTA which is a new technology that is being used to create P2P apps and games and stuff like that (but another colleague is doing that) . So I am stuck with searching the internet for bioinformatics applications. Its really frustrating cos first of all some of the apps cant be installed on Solaris ...and then those apps that can be installed have such crappy documentation that I basically have to like figure out how to run them by myself , and its all run by command line ( by typing commands like in DOS). My progress is painfully slow and I really feel extremely unproductive compared to my other colleagues. Sigh really hope I either have a change of heart or get assigned something new really soon.
I would kill for a bathtub now. If I had one I would be lying in it now having a nice bubble bath right now cos I really feel so damm tired right now. Probably be soaking in it until 10 pm. (cos Charmed starts at 10 mah) Got a huge shiny pimple right above my right side of my lip. It is so annoying ..gonna burst it later.

I have such a huge fetish for gals who speak languages that I dun understand. On the way back on the bus from NTU I was sitting beside this gal who was like talking to Swedish or Icelandic or something to her guy friend and it sounded so freaking sexy that I was totally turned on. Dun ask me why I like that. Hey maybe she was saying how hot the indian guy sitting beside her was, who knows right ?

Read in today's newspaper that studies show that hugs can help greatly reduce stress in people. So any gal reading this, if you are really stressed please dun hesitate to call me anytime anyday if you need a hug cos I am just that kind of really caring guy. But if there is more than 1 gal , the gal with skimpier clothing will get higher priority, just to let you know. ;)

Alright off to have my dinner now , bread with fish curry ...I swear my dogs eat better meals than me.
I am an online addict...its 12:30 am and I am dead tired and sleepy and I gotta wake up at 6:45 tommorow; but I am not sleeping cos I wanna talk to a few of my gal net friends. Maybe I am do you say it ....chee hong ?

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Heh so they just passed a law barring cyclists from using footpaths where pedestrians walk on , after people complained in the Strait Times forum about being injured by cyclists who banged into them. Mark my words, once a cyclist gets knocked down by a vehicle on the road they will reverse the ruling.

The Zoo has postponed its 500,000 dollar plan to change its name, logos and image. Which is a waste cos we all know that when people decide whether or not to go to a zoo, the logo and zoo name are the most important factors in their decision and not the quality of the facilities/service/enclosures there.

My day was frustrating, another day of research and I didnt find anything that I was looking for.

Oh ya BLUE is coming to town for a concert , think a lot of gals I know planning to go. Arrrggh wanna say something BAD about them but have to remember that everyone has their own tastes and I should respect them. *fingers itching*

Heh Asha Gil actually smiled during the weakest link next week ! That one must watch!

Monday, March 10, 2003

Watched the preview of Miss Singapore Universe last night; ok this might be a bit MCP-ish but I got no idea how most of the gals there even got shortlisted! Hell I got gal friends who look better than most of the final 20. And this malay chick who was one of the prettier ones didn't even make it to the top 20! Hmm I wonder if color is part of the judging criteria.

I woke up today with a horrible stomach upset; you know the type that gets you all naseous and break out in goose pimples. Took two long trips to the toilet in the morning and basically felt like crap the whole day. Sigh I knew i ate too much at the wedding...

Sunday, March 09, 2003

Crap i was having another really nice dream today but my cousin woke me up by calling my handphone. When we finished talking I remembered that i was having a dream but as hard as I tried I couldnt recall it. Just know that there was a lot of people in it.

Just came back from lunch from my malay neighbour's wedding at the void deck of my block. We had briyani , satay , fried chicken and red bean soup for dessert. The food was great and I am full as hell. Think I am gonna take a short nap now.

Stuff to do today:
1. Email 2 friends.
2. Send the two letters to Mindef which i got way back in Jan.
3. Email superior with report.

Saturday, March 08, 2003

Oh ya i posted a poll question in the web portal today for my colleagues.
Qn: Is Gilbert the cutest guy in the company ?
a) Yes
b) Definitely
c) Of Course
But of cos my colleague who is the web admin for the month modified all the options so that they were all unfavourable...Sigh the things people do to pervert the truth ....grrrrrr

Friday, March 07, 2003

I feel so tired right now. The whole time I was at the office today all i was looking forward to was for the clock to strike 6 pm so I could go back home and enjoy my weekend. I spend the day looking for an IRC type chat window for the web portal that we use.

Simon asked me to set up a 'dashboard' so that he could monitor my progress.....Can anyone tell me what a dashboard is cos I dun wanna ask him leh so paiseh!

Thursday, March 06, 2003

Took a break at work and went to Mr. Brown. This guy is so funny, such a pity he has stop updating his website for almost a year already.
A sample:

".... when you can convince a nation to drink purified sewage water, then raising transport costs, increasing GST, and cutting CPF during a recession are a walk in the park."

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Woke up late today , at 8:30, i had to be at work at 9. Had to take a cab which cost me like 20 bucks, and I still haven't been paid yet so had to ask my dad for the money. Speaking of which it could take up to a month for me to be paid which kinda sucks but there is nothing we can do. So can look forward to one more month of asking my parents for money ..sigh.

Read an article in Streats today where a reporter posed as a 15 year old gal on IRC and got numerous sexual advances from various guys, basically showing how dangerous it is on IRC for young teenagers. OK heres the thing , this isn't the first time a reporter did something like this , i can remember Strait Times doing something similar a while back and also New Paper if I'm not wrong. Secondly everyone knows how dangerous it is, but they(the reporters) aren't doing anything about it or even giving suggestions to try tackle the problem, its like the only reason they are covering it is cos its a juicy news story. I seriously think that maybe we should start educating teenagers and kids in primary and secondary schools about the dangers in IRC and online chatting in general and meeting strangers from the net because lets face it , most kids are naive at that age (I know I was) and at the same time are really curious also. Just my two cents worth.

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Oh ya totally forgot had another vivid dream yesterday. The most vivid one I had since the one i had in December last year, that one was about me banging a net friend i never met. Eh hello it was a dream ok not like I could control it or anything!

*Start of Dream*
My cousin lost his job and I got him a job at my place. Then one of my colleagues had this huge problem with him and after that he was forced to quit. Then I and him were at my another cousin's house..and my sister and her friends were like mass dancing to this tamil song so we both went into the bedroom. And there he was like thanking me for recommending the website to him cos he found like several suitable jobs there. Then he handed me a book abt Solaris (Sun's Operating System) to thank me.
*End of Dream*

Talk about a totally geeky dream. Sigh..well dreams never make sense anyway.
Went to see 'The Pianist' yesterday night with a friend at Tampines Mall and also had dinner at BK; so much for my plan to lose weight. The Pianist was a really good movie about the experiences of a famous Jewish pianist during the holocaust and its really amazing what the guy went through and what he did just to survive it eventhough he had a good deal of luck as well. Honestly, I think if I was in his situation I would have probably lost my mind. Gonna download Schindler's List and watch during the weekend.

Got a whole list of tasks given to me at work today and I'm feeling a little stressed. I have to go read up and learn abt Sun Grid Engine, Open Grid Services Architecture, Message Passing Interface and J2EE. And no I have no experience with any of them except for J2EE so thats why a bit kanchong. Gotta really up the tempo starting tommorow.

Monday, March 03, 2003

Oh ya for those who don't know I'm doing research in Grid Computing.
"Grid Computing basically means that you share resources across a network of computers and make it virtually seem like just 1 machine. The method you use to do this, can differ but in many cases (like SGE, LSF and PBS) would be batch-processing. By having a whole big number of jobs and dispatching it to a large grid, you are able to reduce the time required to do this work.
[For example] analysis of data (like protein alignments, dna structures, etc). If you have one large dataset of 100 megabytes and it requires at least 6 hours to process 10kb of it (quite feasible for protein alignment), you can estimate how long it will take to process the full 100 megabytes. When your application submits jobs with each a small piece of the dataset and then submit it to a large grid, it will once again reduce the required time substantially." - my superior
I was getting ready to go out today cos i was meeting a friend to pass her some software. Then had this conversation with my dad.
Dad: You going to Theresa's (my sis) place is it ?
Me: No I'm just going out.
Dad: You going to work is it ?
Me :Noooo. I'm just GOING OUT.

Sigh its kinda sad when you go out so rarely that when you DO go out, your parents immediately assume you are going to visit your sis or going to work. God I really need a life.

Damm Man U lost; I switched off the TV after Owen scored the 2nd goal making it 2-0 in the 87th(?) minute. Can't believe we lost to such a crappy team like Liverpool. Damm Veron flopped once again arrgggh I'm so pissed rite now.

Sunday, March 02, 2003

Something to try if you got too much time on your hands, a puzzle game called Gridlock.Yeh Li got to Level 25 ...I been stuck at Level 3 for the last 5 minutes. Not that high on the IQ scale am I ?
Update: Woohoo on Level 13 now !
Made a few changes to my blog; mainly the part about my fav authors and stuff like that ...sigh the things people do when they are bored.
Been thinking of the stuff that I am going to buy with my 1st paycheck.

CDs :
1. The Last Broadcast by Doves
2. Audioslave by Audioslave
3. Riot Act by Pearl Jam

Other Stuff:
1. Digital Camera (cheapo one ard 300 bucks )
2. Those 3 in 1 printer/scanner/fax thingys. (400 bucks?)
3. Clothes for work
4. Guitar Lessons at Yamaha every weekend.
5. A Car
6. Powerpuff T-shirt and couple more shoes

Hmm probably not gonna have enuff to buy everything there (think i might have to postpone the car ) but we will see how. Show me the money EDB !!
Check out this interesting article here . Hmm maybe the world is getting a little too PC when something which was done as a joke is taken totally out of context and way too seriously.