Sunday, February 16, 2003

Went to Tampines to meet Rifah to pass her the Office XP CD and also to buy shoes for work tommorow. She treated me to ice cream at Haegen-Daz(sp?) which was really nice of her and also made me a little paiseh but i told her i would treat her back as soon as I get my paycheck! Hmm actually i promised a lot of pple treats once I get my first paycheck....better stop doing that.
After that went to Bata and Americaya and tried to get shoes my size but the largest they had was 10. So finally I just went to the salesgal at Hush Puppies and asked her to show me any shoes she had that were at least a 11. There was only 1 and after making sure it fit me i just bought it. This is what I am going to do from now on cos its really frustrating when I find a shoe that I like but when i ask the salesperson they tell me they dun have that size.

Oh ya don't know why but I am beginning to find the slightest stuff really funny. In the MRT on the way to Tampines there was this old woman in my cabin who was talking really loudly (to no one in particular) about how arrogant Singapore was with regards to the water dispute with Malaysia, how she supports Mahathir stopping the supply of water to us eventhough she is a Singaporean and how just because Singapore was richer than Malaysia we think we can bully them. I was like trying my best not to laugh but I was the only one; no one else found it funny they just stared at her with a puzzled look. Hmm....

On the MRT ride back saw this ad in the train which showed this gal jumping in the air and with the tagline "You can also move freely" or something like that. So i thought it was probably a tampon or some sanitary pad ad but it turned out to be an ad for acuvue contact lenses. Talk about misleading advertistments ....Or maybe my mind just works differently.

Wonder how long the comment server is gonna be down. :(

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