Sunday, February 23, 2003

Went to Bedok just now to do two things. First I went to the library to return my Flash book which i had for two months (I renewed it) but I read like the first 5 pages of it thats all. Don't even know why I borrowed it. Anyway borrowed 2 books , a book on Solaris 9 which is the OS that they use at the lab where I work and Unix Shell Scripting which I have to learn pretty soon. There were a lot of other books on the two subjects but these 2 had the most pictures so I got them instead. :)

After that went to the photo studio to take a passport sized photo for my company website. Sigh I am one of those people that can't smile on cue but i still tried to for the pic. I ended up with a really weird smile that made me look like a freaking pervert and made me wish I didnt smile. But got no choice cos I need to have it up by tommorow so gave it to Jiaqi (thanks babe I owe you!) to scan for me and I just uploaded it to the website. No I will not give you the URL so don't ask me; just let me suffer in shame and dignity please I beseech you. *Sniff*

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