Monday, February 24, 2003

Well the doctor told me there was nothing wrong with me. I am relieved but I am also a bit pissed. I went for an ECG (which came out fine ) and then an ultrasound that cost me more than 400 dollars altogether just to find out that there is nothing wrong with me. I mean that is a lot of money to me ( I am not exactly rich) and makes me ALMOST wish they found something wrong. Yeah i know how stupid that sounds and that I should be grateful that I'm ok but thats what I'm feeling can't help it.

I am in a really irritable mood today. Every little thing is pissing me off today; my damm hi fi which keeps skipping , my damm doorknob that broke so now i cant close the room door otherwise i can't open it; stuff that friends said which usually don't bother me but really got on my nerves just now, the stupid dumbass grammys that claim to reward artistic achievement in music (what a joke), the fact that there will be people who will rush out and buy albums by artists just because they did well in the grammys and the fact that they gonna pre-empt The Practice to show the stupid dumbass grammys at 11 pm. Oh great I switched on Ch 18 to watch The 70s show and instead of that they are showing the grammys. And Channel 5 is now showing the critically acclaimed 'Hard Target' starring the thespian Jean Claude Van Damme and Natasha 'Species' Hendstridge. Oh wait Gwen Stefani is on now on Ch she is so so freaking hot, damm Gavin Rossdale that lucky bastard, if i had a wish it would wish to be him for a day. (He is Gwen's bf for the clueless)

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