Monday, February 24, 2003

Watched the MJ interview yesterday night and it left me feeling sorry for him and also his kids. After watching the interview I'm pretty sure that he isn't a pervert, but I think he is basically a child stuck in a 44 year old body and it's probably due to his bad childhood. But then again there are a lot of people who went through traumatic childhoods (even famous celebrities) and still manage to lead normal lives; I guess at some time they came to terms with their past and moved on with their life. But the problem with MJ is he is too scared to do that, and with the amount of money he has he can afford to keep that illusion of being a kid going. I mean this is a guy who is uncomfortable even saying the word 'sex' and who only seems to able to relate to kids.
I am really afraid for his kids though, i mean being forced to wear masks whenever they go out in public and having no contact at all with their moms..they are either gonna grow up weird like him or really resent him later in life.

Anyway thats just my opinion of cos feel free to disagree with it!

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