Saturday, February 22, 2003

Suffering from a really bad cold rite now; I lost count of the number of tissues i used the whole day more than 2 boxes definitely. And add to that seeing the crappiest Man Utd performance this season in today's match against Bolton and you can say it was a pretty awful day.

Last Friday the whole team went for lunch at Macs at Discovery Centre and (Dr.) Simon treated the whole 10 or more of us which was really really generous of him. And then as usual I ate my lunch incredibly fast that kinda surprised the rest of them ; some of which haven't even started eating! It was kinda embarassing I really gotta try and slow down the next time. And to think in JC i was like so proud of the fact that I could eat a burger in under a minute .....sigh i was such a geek then.

Need to get a passport photo and get it scanned tommorow cos I need to put it on my APSTC website by Monday. I got one already an IC size pic but i look like a drug addict in that so gonna take a better one tommorow.

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