Friday, February 14, 2003

Spend Hari Raya buying my work clothes with my sis at town. All i ever wear is jeans so i got like 1 work-suitable pants left and it also kinda shrank on me. Anyway bought 2 pants and 3 shirts, wait hmm i think I need a little more that. Tried to buy my shoes at the same time but they didn't have my size (size 11) in any of the shops in town. By the way if you are wondering about the rumor about guys with big feet, its true i assure you ! ;)

Thursday: Went for my echo scan at CGH; the doctor took this like hand held scanner thing and pressed it against my hairy chest for like 20 minutes. And somemore got scolded by her when i tried to turn my head to look at the ultrasound screen; as if like turning my head is gonna affect my heart rate or something cheh ! Anyway gonna get the results of the scan on the 24th; yeah i guess it takes 11 days for doctors there to like analyse the results cos they are that stupid or something.

After that went for lunch with a friend at Siglap at Cafe Cartel and return her Harry Potter books. You would think that being a huge fan of the fantasy genre i would enjoy Potter as well but in fact I found the books really boring. In fact i fell asleep on my bed while reading one of them , not bluffing i swear ! And also got back my Led Zeppelin CD from her ...sigh how i missed that CD thank god its back with me now. *kisses CD*

Today went to work again , its really cool cos now i have to be at work only at 11 am so i dun get the morning rushhour crowd in the MRT , can definitely find a seat and relax all the way from Bedok to Boon Lay. But today was damm boring though; Appie gave me this task where i had to download any application software from this website and there were a hell lot of them. Sianz. But for lunch , I and 2 other fellow trainies went to NIE so it was nice lah got quite a fair bit of hot chicks there compared to the faculty of mechanical enginneering. Went back at 5:30 and i had to stand all the way back to Bedok; my feet hurt (and smell) like hell now. Dun care next time im gonna rush into the mrt and push anyone out of the way to get a seat. Hey Darwin's law rite ...

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