Monday, February 10, 2003

So the Xray showed that my heart was abnormally large. The hot Sikh doctor said there are basically a few causes , either i was born with it so thats not a problem or something wrong with my heart muscle or valves in which case I'm screwed. Going to CGH in a couple of hours to see the cardiologist for further tests.

Now i got two parts of my body that are abnormally large.

Update: Just got back from CGH, they ran an ECG and the doctor said it looked fine. He also said my heart was borderline large whatever that means. But he still wants to do an echo scan on thursday, the results of which i will only get on the 24th of February. I am not sure if EDB will wait that long for me so I just emailed them and asked them. Now gotta wait for their reply. Talk about bad luck; haven't start job already so much stress and not to mention the damm echo test gonna set me back 300 bucks.

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