Thursday, February 06, 2003

I went to buy lunch 2 days ago at a coffeeshop nearby and saw this old women walking on the pavement using a walking stick; she was walking 1 step at a time at a horribly slow pace. And it was kinda sad u know and in a way it frightened me cos i started thinking what if i had to walk like that when i get old. Imagine taking more than an hour to go to the coffeeshop when people do it in like 15 mins or less. Scares the crap out of me.

Met my JC classmate yesterday for lunch and coffee. She jsut came back from Melbourne after her graduation so it was really fun to meet her again and talk abt stuff and see hows she doing, helped her pick out a new PC also . Damm now the PCs are like 2.4 GHZ, makes my 1.7 seem so slow......sianz

Totally panicked around 1 am just now when I couldn't find my letter for my pre-employment medical check up this morning. I was searching for like 2 hours plus when i finally found it below my queen size mattress ; how it got there i got no idea. Anyway went for the appointment just now and got checked out by this totally hot Sikh doctor damm made me wish i got a full physical examination. Would have turned out my stallion charms on her but i saw the wedding ring on her finger ....damm my sense of morality!

Anyway i didnt bring my specs (hey i dun use them what) so i gotta go down later again; first gotta find them i never wear them like in ages also .

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