Friday, February 28, 2003

Finally signed my bond with *** yesterday with my sis and her hubby acting as my sureties. One of the terms of the bond is that they have the right to terminate my contract if I contract a serious illness during the 3 years of the bond period.
But the interesting thing is that if I contract HIV I will also have to pay back the money that they spend training me. I find this a bit discriminating. I mean if a smoker gets lung cancer i doubt they will do the same thing. And what if the person practices safe sex but still gets infected? And the last thing someone needs after learning they have contracted HIV is to be punished financially for it.
Besides if I am not wrong most people who contract HIV still lead normal lives at least while the virus remains dormant which could even be for a period of 3 years. I mean I'm not concerned that I might have to deal with this personally cos I got more chance of hitting the lottery than getting laid ( let alone getting HIV) in the next 3 years; I just find the whole thing totally unnecessary and prejudicial.

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